Black Bean Soup with Masa Dumplings (Frijoles Negros con Chochoyotes)

I saw this recipe on Saveur and thought it sounded really interesting, especially since I already had the ingredients on hand. I have never seen masa dumpling before, all you have to do is roll up the dough and toss it in the soup for the last ten minutes.  I love black bean soup and I also like to put greens in everything that I cook so I was really excited to make it. Overall, I changed some aspects but I still wish I would have done more, it wasn’t the best soup ever. It took what seemed like a lifetime for my beans to cook so by the time I was making the soup I was so hungry.  I think next time I would add a can of diced tomatoes and some agave nectar because it needed a little sweetness. Also my peppers weren’t very hot and I think a couple poblanos would have added a lot to the taste. I also think the dumpling should have had more salt and perhaps been made with the soaking water from the peppers. It was really healthy and made quite a bit so I hope to try it again. Here is how I made it last night.

Simmer until beans are almost done

2 cups dried black beans
4 cups of water
1 tsp epazote
2 bay leaves

Knead for 5 minutes and then let sit for an hour

1 1⁄3 cups white masa harina
1⁄2 tsp. salt
1 cup of water


2 dried chipotle chiles
1 dried ancho chile

once soft remove seeds and stems and Process with

1 white onion, peeled and chopped
1 clove garlic, peeled and chopped

Saute the chile and onion mix for five minutes & add it to the beans.


1 bunch swiss chard
1 tsp adobo sauce
juice of 1 lime
1 Tbsp of green salsa

Roll bits of masa dough into balls and toss into soup. Cover them all with soup and cook for 10 more minutes. Salt to taste & enjoy


10 thoughts on “Black Bean Soup with Masa Dumplings (Frijoles Negros con Chochoyotes)

  1. Tofu Mom

    LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!! Someone just commented on my blog and sent me a link that you had just posted masa dumplings this week too. Great minds think alike? How totally awesome!!
    Where was this recipe when I was trying to figure out the Mexican name for these things? I Googled and Googled to no avail….. BAH!!!
    Yours look better than mine, and I LOVE black beans, so I’ll have to try this… SOON!
    I love your blog by the way, I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve not run cross it in my reading of 383837363 other vegan cooking blogs! It’s GREAT! I’ll have to make sure and bookmark!!!

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