This could be the last time

The blog went on hiatus during the pandemic with restaurants shuttering and trailers moving it all got to be too much and we had no idea when things would reopen. Then many places never did. Perhaps one day the pandemic will wane and I’ll have the energy to start updating again. Until then I’ll be picking up brunch at Plow Bao, Pizza from Lil Nonna’s, Bun Bi Chay aka 512 vegan vermicelli from Me Con Bistro. And tacos from Bouldin Creek, Taco Deli, and the Vegan Nom when I have the wherewithal to leave South Austin.


1 thought on “This could be the last time

  1. Katie Wales

    Thanks for all the great info, lovely photos, and good vibes. Holding out hope that things come back better than ever.

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