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Austin Bakes for Austin this Saturday November 30th

Our bake sales for Natural Disaster relief started with Austin Bakes for Japan where we couldn’t believe it when we raised $11,540. Next, after the wildfires in Bastrop we got together and raised $12,500. Then after the plant explosion in West Texas, and incredibly, we raised $18,251.92. The team behind the bake sales is really amazing at organizing and having simultaneous events all over town and having sponsors do donation matching and really just having an entire community come out to support humanitarian aid. It’s really sad that this time it’s for people in our own backyard who have been devastated by the October floods. I know I’ll never forget that picture of the horses being led through the water or the raging waters at Barton Springs. Overnight I got 12 inches in my backyard and all of the creeks around me were sweeping over the roads. Over four hundred of my neighbors lost their houses completely. 

Is it weird that now whenever there is a disaster I start planning on what I can bake? Maybe it is, but I hope that you think this way too because we need lots of vegan bakers to participate. Actually, we always need vegans, sugar free people, gluten free, and nut free people to bring in their best treats because it is terrible turning people away. Think of the children! Plus, the next time someone tells you it’s wrong that you only care about animals you can say, “actually I recently donated to this huge effort for humanitarian aid right here in town”. The team always picks excellent charities and all the money for our Austin sale will go to Austin Disaster Relief Network a super local organization.  This time I’ll be heading up the table at Sugar Circus with my bake sale buddy Nelly but there will be locations all over town where you can drop off baked goods or buy and donate.

If you’d like to lend a hand, please sign up here!

We would also love your help spreading the word, here are some ways to help from the Austin Bakes site 

Visit our fundraising page on FirstGiving to make a donation to Austin Disaster Relief Network.

If you are thinking about what to bake check out some of my other posts here and here remember to list your ingredients and wrap things up. Here are some more tips on the Austin Bakes site.  People love savory things! For the worldwide vegan bakesale I made these pretzel dogs and they were the first thing to sell out. And remember to come out and support the sale & tell all your friends and co-workers.

Austin’s Worldwide Vegan Bake sale was a great success!

Every year our worldwide vegan bake sale gets a little bigger. This time we spread to two locations and raised money for two sanctuaries. I was really worried we wouldn’t have enough baked goods but Capital City Bakery, Red Rabbit Cooperative, Sugar Mama’s, Mr. Natural, and Happy Vegan Baker along with others all pitched in so I knew we’d have quality! We ended up having tons of volunteer made baked goods too. Sinfull Bakery even shipped us some goodies all the way from Houston! I made pretzel dogs and they sold out super fast! I will definitely make them again!

Here’s some shots from the Counter Culture sale, I wish I could have made it to Monkeywrench

Thanks to everyone that helped especially Brittany my co-organizer, everyone that helped sell stuff all day, and of course everyone that donated!!!

Here is a post from The Horn about the Monkeywrench sale!

Austin Bakes for West is this weekend so please consider donating to their humanitarian aid for our neighbors as well.

Austin’s Worldwide Vegan Bakesale is coming this weekend and we need your help!

Cherry Bomb from Capital City Bakery

This Sunday, April 28th, the Austin vegan community is holding two simultaneous bake sales and we need your help! We still need lots of people to sign up to bake and we need help running the tables as well. From 11-2 we are going to be set up at Counter Culture Vegan Restaurant and MonkeyWrench Bookstore. Our goal is to raise 2,000 dollars for Sunny Day Farms Animal Sanctuary and SARA Sanctuary but we can’t do that if you don’t sign up!

Sign up to make baked goods: http://tinyurl.com/2013AustinWWVBS

More info about the WWVBS: http://www.veganbakesale.org/

If you are looking for recipe ideas I am hoping that someone out there makes these Butterscotch Cupcakes With Coconut-Bacon from the ppk. Or what about these  Mini Almond Poundcakes or Cherry Chocolate Chunk Mini Loaves? I was thinking about making these Nanaimo Bars from the vegan cookbook aficionado because I became kind of obsessed with these on a trip last summer. Or what about these Balsamic Chipotle Roasted Strawberry Brownies with some Poteet strawberries from Eating Appalachia? They sound amazing. I have had these chocolate dipped candy covered pretzels from What does a vegan eat anyway pinned forever because I think they would be the perfect bakesale item for a non baker. I love pretzels & peanut butter with my chocolate and these Peanut Butter Fudge Pretzel Bars from Bittersweet would be awesome too and just a little more work.  And if you are gluten free please make these Brownies from Cakemaker to the Stars. They look scrumptious.

If you can’t bake for the sale we need lots of eaters and inviters too! So join the event on facebook, invite your friends, share on twitter, and tell your coworkers! Vegan bake sales are great for spreading the word that you don’t need eggs to make a cake and you don’t have to be only about health food if you are going to go vegan. We are going to have doughnuts from Red Rabbit Bakery and all sorts of other goodies from Mr Natural, Happy Vegan Bakery, Unity Vegan Kitchen, Sugar Mama’s, Sinfull Bakery, and Capital City Bakery too so there will be plenty of sweets to wow your most skeptical friends! All the proceeds are going to go to dogs, kittens, sheep, cows, pigs, chickens, and a whole bunch of other animals that need your support so please do what you can!

Bakesale at Counter Culture this Sunday from 2-5

from Capital City Bakery

This is it you guys. The last post before the bakesale for SARA animal sanctuary this Sunday. We are going to have so many items from Austin’s vegan friendly bakeries including Capital City, Happy Vegan Baker, Sugar Circus, Mr. Natural, Sugar Mama’s, and Celeste’s Best. There are going to be Pumpkin Spice Cookies, Goji Bites, Peanut Butter Cups, Pumpkin Loaves, Mini Mud Pies, and tons of Gluten Free items too! There is going to be live music from Ken Atkins and the Honky Tonk Kind and dogs to pet from the animal sanctuary! So please come, invite your friends and buy everything. If it was me, I would get something sweet from the bakesale, then have breakfast and coffee at Counter Culture, and then buy a whole bunch of stuff for my friends, family, and random people on the street. Because that’s how friendly I am. You’d be amazed.

Special thanks as well to Brittany and Carrie from Red Hot Vegans for working so hard on this. You ladies are the best!

Bakesale for SARA animal sanctuary October 21

Last week I wrote about learning that SARA animal sanctuary is having some difficult times and since then I have been working on putting together a bakesale to hopefully raise some funds. My heart grew at least three sizes when Sugar Tooth Bakery, Happy Vegan Baker, Mr. Natural, Sugar Mama’s, Celeste’s Best, and Capital City Bakery signed on to donate baked goods. That’s almost every vegan friendly bakery in town! We still need a more help though. A lot of folks are going to be out of town at the Texas State Veggie Fair in Dallas over the weekend so if your waffling about weather or not you want to participate, stop it! I know you love dogs and animals and eating baked goods so let’s make this happen. You can sign on to bake or volunteer to help. Or if you aren’t in Austin you can donate to SARA directly. Also please invite your friends to the Facebook event and if you are an Austin blogger, I would love your help promoting the sale, the hardest part is getting people to actually come out.I‘m having a hard time deciding what to make, like always. For the worldwide vegan bakesale in the spring I made ice cream sandwiches with Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies and Banana Ice Cream. They went really fast but now it’s not really ice cream season.

would you eat me?

I also made chocolate TIEs and I think I might make those again too because nerds just can’t resist.

you cannot escape me

But then I was also kind of think I should do something more autumnal like Kittie’s Sweet Potato Hand Pies from Vegan Pie in the Sky or maybe a family recipe for Apple Strudel with Figs. There are so many recipes out there that would be great like, oh, everything on the PPKChai Spice SnickerdoodlesCherry Chocolate Chunk Mini Loaves, and Magical Coconut Bars all sound amazing. Then I always think I should make something gluten free because I love my GF friends and lots of folks always ask for them, I know Manifest Vegan and Cake Maker to the Stars both have tons of great recipes filling that niche. Then I was thinking about making corn empanadas because then everyone could eat them and savory stuff is always fun but then Dan told me he doesn’t like empanadas. WTF who doesn’t like empanadas?

What is your favorite thing to make for bakesales? Or what do you like to buy?

If you have the answer I like best I’ll send you one of whatever I make! Ha!

Get down to Monkeywrench Books for the Bakesale!

Did you know that today (Sunday 4/29) is Austin’s worldwide vegan bakesale AND that I made ice cream sandwiches? IT’S NOT A DREAM! You are not in the Matrix. This shit is really about to go down.
Ice cream Sammie

These ice cream sandwiches are amazing and perfect for breakfast if you are the kind of person that sleeps until noon. But you better get down there before they melt. The bakesale is going on from 12-6 and the new vegan taco cart, the Vegan Nom, is having their grand opening party at the same time! So if you fill up on taco’s and you want a lighter more chocolatey Star Wars based cookie I also made Chocolate TIEs

They are so good and chocolatey that I already sold one to my boyfriend. That’s how hardcore I am about this bakesale folks; no cookies for him.

I know Kristen from Capital City is cooking up a storm of whoopie pies and cupcakes. Wes already made some Macadamia & Trail mix cookies and the Lonestar Plate baked Zucchini Cornbread and Cranberry, Currant, and Fennel Cornbread. So there is even options for you sugar haters and gluten free folks. So please come down and support this wonderful cause!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Austin’s Vegan Bakesale is COMING Sunday April 29, 2012!!

I love everything about charity bakesales. I think my favorite part is when folks are first dropping off their treats and you get to see all the enthusiasm; everyone from professional bakers to little kids who frosted their first cupcake are all smiley and excited. I love during the sale when the families with little children come and a parent tells the kid they can just get one thing and they look like they are going to cry having to make the decision. I love it when the joggers slow down, try and look away, but can’t resist all the sweet treats in front of them.

Capital City Bakery will be donating whoopie pies and cupcakes!

Austin’s vegan community has been putting on bakesales for years now and every time they get a little bit bigger, the offerings become more elaborate, and the amount of money we get to donate to organizations that help animals or people in need gets a little bit heftier. I’m hoping this year will keep on trend because we have more sponsors than ever before AND a new vegan trailer is having their grand opening party on North Loop in Counter Culture’s old spot at the same time!!! On April 29th MonkeyWrench Books is going to be hosting our World Wide Vegan bakesale and donating all the money to Sunday Day Farms Animal Sanctuary. Even Brooke from Sunny Day will be at the sale so if you want to find out more information about their wonderful animal sanctuary she’ll be there for the asking. They are such a wonderful organization and I am so happy that we are donating money to animals that have been abused or neglected.

Wes made these pistachio rosewater cupcakes once and I can't wait to see what he bring this time.

We still need your help! The more people that bake the better so please sign up if you haven’t had a chance yet. If you are a little intimidated by vegan baking let me assure you that many pioneers have already done a ton of work figuring out how to do it and it is easy to get great results! There are lots of fantastic recipes out there on the ppk, the worldwide vegan bakesale site, oh she glows, and tons of other blogs. Here are some guidelines for substitutions. The trickiest part for those new to vegan baking is usually honey (it’s made by bees so it isn’t vegan), non-dairy creamer (which contains dairy!) and weird ingredients with long scienc-y names. Usually at the bottom of an ingredients list it will say “contains Milk” but if you aren’t sure ask the friendly folks and Wheatsville, Whole Foods, or even Central Market and they should be able to help you out if you can’t google it. Most vegans don’t worry about “May contain trace elements” because that just means that the same machines were used to create the product.

I love when people change things up and make savory items! These tiny pies were a huge hit at Austin Bakes for Japan

If you still aren’t sure about your baking prowess please consider helping staff the table at the event and most importantly spreading the news about the bakesale by inviting all of your friends on facebook, posting about it on twitter (use #atxvegan if you want to be a badass), pinning recipes in pinterest, taking photos on instagram, adding bakesale volunteer to your Linked in resume, + 1 on google plus and whatever other cockamamie networks you can think of. 

And don’t forget to come out Sunday April 29th for some decadent treats. There is going to be gluten free and sugar free options so no excuses! In addition to cookies, cupcakes, and cinnamon buns there is also going to be Donut Holes from Red Rabbit Bakery! And Zico is donating boxes of coconut water!

mmm doughnuts

And oh yeah, I am going to make ICE CREAM SANDWICHES because I love you all and I love Sunny Day Farms Animal Sanctuary. Sometimes it is hard to believe that I get to make ice cream and cookies to help poor animals that have been abused or neglected. Then they get to live in a world where they don’t have to worry and they are taken care of and loved. It’s bakesale magic!