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Thanksgiving in Austin, a guide for 2018

unturkeyThese posts get longer and longer every year, but I know it’s so confusing, especially for those new to town. So here is a breakdown of what you need to get your festivities going:

Pre-Thanksgiving Specials

Counter Culture has the famous Thanksgiving Sandwich on their menu and other fun stuff every day.

Wheatsville has their awesome Tofurkey bar with all the trimmings every Saturday and through Thanksgiving week where you can try out their gravy, cranberry sauces, coconut sweet potatoes etc and see if you want to buy any for your own festivities.

Milky Way Shakes has, what looks to be an amazing Apple of Discord shake with apple compote, rosemary salted caramel, candied pecans, and two dried apple slices through the 15th.

Mr. Natural always has a night before Thanksgiving all day feast on their hot bar as well. I love the vegan turkey! If you want to bring one home, pre-order it.

Sweet Ritual has Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

Zucchini Kill and Bistro Vonish are co-hosting a Friendsgiving Brunch Sunday at 12 PM – 2 PM. There will be a photo booth and mimosas along with a vegan meal. Kid and Dog-friendly.

Free Plant-Based Thanksgiving Cooking Class at Wheatsville on Monday the 19th. Learn from Rolando Garza from Cool Beans. Participants will get free sample!

Side Dishes, Pies, or Entire Feasts to order for Thanksgiving

Mr. Natural has a complete menu you can pick and choose from, turkey, tamales, gluten-free options, green beans, basically anything you could ever want. Call in your order with whichever Mr. Natural you prefer.

Capital City Bakery is taking orders for pies, Festivus kolaches, and more! The early bird deal gets two pies for 40 dollars which will really help expenses if you are planning on one pie per person like I usually do 🙂 Pre-order here.

Rabbit Food Grocery has every roast imaginable, including roasts from the Herbivorous Butcher (first come first serve if you don’t pre-order by November 15), Tofurkey, Field Roast, and Gardien roasts. Get in wrapped in filo, get it naked and do your own thing, stuffed or unstuffed it’s your call. They also have vegan shortening, packaged gravy, Dandies marshmallows, holiday nog, and any other specialty items you may need. I like to make a fancy cheese plate for all-day snacking while we are cooking.

Cool Beans will be “having a decolonized thanksgiving tamale menu” which will be perfect for everyone who hates genocide but still wants to eat well. Mashed potato stuffed tamales y’all! Pre-order here.

Bistro Vonish also has a very popular thanksgiving set-up. You can pre-order each menu item for 1-5 people which is so nice and choose from smoked seitan, mac and cheese, stuffing, roasted brussels sprouts with tempeh, and more. They also have cinnamon rolls and other sweets. Pre-order here.

Fat Cats Organic Coffee and Dessert pre-order Apple, Cherry, Pumpkin, or Peach pie from our newest addition to 100% vegan spots in Austin. Give them a call at 512-296-2960 to pre-order.

Vegg Catering has an AMAZING looking lineup, buy it all and pretend that you are one of those people that creates their Thanksgiving checklist on October 1st and has been working in the kitchen for a week. Glazed Holiday Roast, Butternut Mac and Cheese, Stuffing Drop biscuits, or just click The Whole Package.

Happy Vegan Baker has pies, mac and cheese, greens, and some other sweets that you can order.

Vicecreme has a pumpkin ICE CREAM pie that you can order on instagram or by calling (512) 531-9811

Nissi VegMex Vegan Mexican Cuisine will have both red & green tamales packed with soy protein. Call in your order at (512) 293-2597

Zucchini Kill has cookie platters, loaves, and cupcakes like Candied Yam Cupcakes with marshmallow fluff for preorder which is especially ideal if you are gluten and/or soy free because everything they make is GF/SF/Vegan. Preorder by Monday, November 19.

Whole Foods has stuff too but please, BE THANKFUL WE HAVE SO MANY LOCAL VEGAN PLACES and forget about amazon dot com for one day.

Single Meals to bring to a Thanksgiving where people have refused to make vegan food for you and you still have to show up and be nice.

Counter Culture has fabulous to-go meals every year where you can choose a roast or a tempeh stuffed mushroom if you are gluten-free. Please, pre-order!

Doggie Style has meals you can pick up to go, be quick they are selling out. It includes a roast, green chile mac, and a chocolate pumpkin brownie, among other things. And you can get it delivered. What a world. “Open Tuesday – Saturday, 11:30am to 9pm. Stop on by or call in your order for pickup (830) 888-9869 ”

Bistro Vonish pre-order exactly what you want. Get three servings of mac and cheese, I won’t judge 🙂

Citizen Eatery has a fancy meal that starts with “Sage Risotto & Lentil Stuffed Delicata Squash with Toasted Pecans” and pie. See pic and full details on FB Pre-order here or call them up at (512) 792-9546

Restaurants Open On Thanksgiving

Casa de Luz is open every year for their macrobiotic harvest feast. They haven’t updated us with a menu yet but here is an example menu from the past. This is your best option if you completely forget to order anything and don’t want to cook. Actually, it’s your only option so if you are reading this November 22, go to Casa de luz slacker and thank them for working on the holiday.

Let Food be Thy Medicine I just learned that this B&B will also have a 4-course meal Thursday – Sunday. Call for reservations (512) 264 – 2830. Living Desert Ranch 22701 HWY 71 W Spicewood Texas

Kerbey Lane is also open, but they don’t do anything special. You can also check out some of the Chinese restaurants which tend to stay open as well.

Recipes for Cooking Your Own Feast

I have a Pinterest board I’ve been updating for years with tried and true recipes, it has links to Miyoko’s Unturkey, The Serious Eats Wellington, Annie Shannon’s Beer Can tofurkey, my Brussels Sprouts, Isa’s pumpkin cheesecake, and so many other recipes that are so good they will make you cry when you think that a bunch of assholes are out there murdering turkeys instead just because they don’t know any better.

Adopt a Turkey

Farm Sanctuary has turkeys you can adopt every year! This year I’m adopting Bowie because I’ve been reading this awesome biography Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell: The Dangerous Glitter of David Bowie, Iggy Pop, and Lou Reed and I’m going to spend *my holiday* listening to glam rock.