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Happy August

I’ve been trying to save money for an upcoming trip so I haven’t been eating anywhere interesting. I haven’t even been buying breakfast tacos!  I’ve been focusing on summer produce from the garden and local farms. My tomatoes are dying from the heat now but they were so beautiful this year.

I’ve been making lots of easy tacos

I also made my first ever blueberry cheesecake and I couldn’t believe how good it was. I should make another one this weekend. I wonder if cherries are still around (recipe from Vegan Pie in the Sky)

I’ve also been cooking quite a bit from Vegan Eats World. This Mango Avocado Salad is the perfect summer food

And I grew the most beautiful yellow eggplants. Here they are in a stew with okra, tomatoes, and corn. This recipe is from Herbivoracious. I want to try his seared watermelon this weekend.

I got to go to the beach in Port Aransas. I sure wish I could spend a week there.

Warmest ocean water ever

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On that same trip we saw the biggest tree in Texas!

State Champion Coastal Live Oak

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I had to take a million trips to Chicago this year but at the last one I got to see some terrific concerts and all was right with the world.

Ready to hop back on tour #pagesiderageside

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Now that it’s August I’m just trying to make it through the dog days. Hopefully with lots of toobin’ trips

Getting ready to tube our troubles away

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And of course, the best way to stay cool.

I'm going to drink all of these…

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I think it might be time to bust out my kiddie pool.