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Dealing with the cold – an Austin soup round-up & Vegan Christmas!

Is it just me or is this the coldest winter we have ever had? The beagles and I are suffering through it with lots of blankets, heating pads, tv, warm sweaters, and hot soup. I can’t even blog because it’s so cold in my office. I picked the wrong year to not go on a tropical vacation. I wish I could hibernate.

I have been seeing lots of soup specials around town. Counter Culture and Unity Vegan Kitchen seem to be doing weekly or daily specials so you can go in and get soup and a sandwich. Of course Casa de Luz always has daily soup specials too. The Juicebox in South Austin always has vegan soup too, I love their green goddess and if you get a green smoothie to go with it you can will St. Patrick’s Day to get here already.

The Steeping Room is another good spot to go to in the winter so you can also have hot tea. They make a lot of their delicious soups from a coconut base. And you can get an adorable tea sandwich to go with it.

I love the Tom Kha at Little Thai food, which I’ve gone on about before, I’ve been trying to make my own Tom Kha at home but it’s not quite as good. Another soup I’ve been enjoying, way down south, is the Al Tofu Noodle soup from Tuk Tuk. Hao Hao has a hot & sour soup that’s similar but I don’t think it’s as good. If you live in the area both places deliver so that’s pretty huge. I also finally found a pho that I really like (it’s definitely not the one from whole foods) at PhoNatic they  have a far south location and a far north location so for once central people are out of luck.

Then there are all the ramen spots, Daruma downtown, Ramen Tatsu-Ya, Michi Ramen, and the Dojo all up north, I do believe Tatsu-ya still only does vegan ramen on Sundays still but the rest have it every day.

Mr. Natural has a really good tortilla soup that you can order off their menu, you could even add Daiya cheese if that’s how you roll. Down the street from there Wasota has Egusi Soup with Fu Fu and you can even call ahead and have it ready when you come by. That’s really all I can think of, I’m sure their are tons of other Vietnamese, Thai, and Indian soups out there, if you come across a special one please let us know in the comments.


In other news their are lots of parties on the horizon. BBQ Revolution and Red Rabbit Doughnuts are going to have a customer appreciation party this Friday the 13th at 7. Sweet Ritual is celebrating their 2nd birthday this Sunday the 15th with $1.50 cones all day! They also have a bunch of fun holiday themed ice creams you can take home. They are available all over town nowCounter Culture will also be throwing a holiday party with a white elephant gift exchange and cheese specials Tuesday Dec 17th. Just like at Thanksgiving, they will be doing holiday meals to go for Christmas in case you are going to a non-vegan event.  Vegans Rock Austin is going to have a holiday potluck on 12/22. Capital City Bakery is moving into their building and they have a bunch of holiday specials and you can order pies, cookie dough, and other treats for Christmas.


last day to vote for Vegans Rock Austin “Vegan Best of Austin Poll”

Today is the last day to vote for your favorite vegan places in Austin so get to it! You can leave categories blank if you don’t have a strong preference or if your bitter that a favorite of yours got left off.  You can even vote for just one category like ME for best blogger. I think this is the first year that there is serious competition in the “Best Sandwich” category thanks to newcomers Unity Vegan Kitchen‘s Muffaletta and the BBQ Sandwich from BBQ Revolution. Will they be enough to knock out the Popcorn tofu po’boy from Wheatsville? Only time will tell! I’m also interested to see who will win for best new place Baton Creole, BBQ Revolution, Habesha Restaurant and Bar, The Dojo, or Unity Vegan Kitchen? It’s been another banner year new places, that’s for sure. I’m still trying to get them all in before I do my best of 2013 at the end of the year.

I wish there was a category for best Chaco Taco cause I know who I would vote for in that category. And why isn’t their a best cleanse? Taco Cleanse VS Juice Cleanse!

Also I want to say thanks to everyone that came out for the Austin Bakes for Austin bakesale! We raised almost 5,000 dollars for people affected by the floods!