South Austin Trailers: Mambo Berry & Armadillo Tea and Coffee

Trailers are popping up in Austin like ads on Internet Explorer. Every time I go down a street that I haven’t been on for a week more trailers have emerged. South 1st has had its own little trailer park eatery for a while and now South Congress does as well. It started with the cupcake stand (I think) and the last time I was there was to try the Mighty Cone. By the time I went back there were at least 4 more trailers. I was excited to try Mambo Berry because it was a super cute trailer and the menu promised to be very vegan friendly.They offer 3 different tamales, all of which are vegan and a vegan egg salad like sandwich.  I didn’t try it but the guy who runs that stand was really nice and assured me that it was vegan and very tasty. They also had smoothies on the menu but  I was excited to get the tamales.  One was chipotle and mushroom, another was just called vegetarian, and the third was sweet potato and pecan. You could try all 3 for 7 bucks with a side of chips & salsa included. I, instead, got two for 5, I usually love the sweet potato pecan tamales but I wanted to try his other ones. They were all really good, the chipotle was really spicy but I liked it and two tamales were plenty of food. I was excited that chips and salsa came with the meal but disappointed in the salsa. It didn’t taste freshly made and was overly tomatoey for my taste. It was a good meal and I would go again for sure. It was really nice to have a quick vegan option on South Congress where it can be slim pickins.

I was glad that I bought a beverage, though, at the next trailer over the Armadillo tea and coffee trailer. I had a hibiscus iced tea mixed with lemonade. It was one of the best drinks I ever had. They had a really great menu and it was hard to decide. I am, unfortunately totally obsessed with Bubble tea but I have also spent all of my money for the month and it has hardly started! What a disaster.

I took a snapshot of the menu and I am glad I did because they don’t appear to have a website! Armadillo and Mambo are in cahoots and on Wednesdays they will give you a discount so check it out! The food was great the drink fantastic!The trailer park is only going to be around for a little while, they are going to build a big hotel where it is located in a couple months so get out there while you can and support local vegan friendly businesses!


7 thoughts on “South Austin Trailers: Mambo Berry & Armadillo Tea and Coffee

  1. maya938

    i’m going to have a hard time convincing my friends i am in austin for the music of ACL and not for all the food we’re going to be eating. yea vegan trailers! i wish houston had vegan trailers!

  2. Cyn

    That looks so great! I love tamales and bubble tea. We have vegan tamales at my farmer’s market and I always want to get some. I have a long-term goal to eventually make some, but I can’t find dried corn husks anywhere.

  3. lazysmurf Post author

    Cyn- if you can find banana leaves that is also a traditional encasement!

  4. cara

    wow I really want to try this place. I havent tried a trailer yet on south congress. dangit. thank you for the inspiration to go really soon 🙂

  5. Alin

    Ahhhhh, yeah. Those tamales are so mine soon!

    All the people and the noise make me not want to try out that trailer park, but now I have to!

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