Cookbook Giveaway: Vegan Mexico

vegan-mexicoVegan Heritage Press let me check out their newest cookbook by Jason Wyrick Vegan Mexico Soul-Satisfying Regional Recipes from Tamales to Tostadas. It’s chock-full of authentic Mexican recipes like Moles, Chilaquiles, Abodingas, Atoles, and even baked goods like Bolillos and Sugar Skulls. He also has some fun fusion recipes like Mushroom Crêpes in Poblano Chile Sauce. The book is divided into chapters starting with staples like rice, beans and salsas and then moving on to Street Food, Tacos, Tortas and other Sandwiches, Enchiladas, Tamales, Salads, Soups, Main Dishes, Grilled Fare, Small Bites, Bread, Drinks, and Sweets. You can see the whole table of contents on the Amazon Preview. I made the Frijoles de Olla and turned them into refried beans and I thought they were pretty delicious. I also made the Pumpkin Seed Tomato Salsa which was super easy, creamy and delicious and put it on top of the Northern Mexico Chimichangas (deep fried burritos) I was surprised my Texas friends had never had these before! veganmexicochimmichanga1

I think this would be a great cookbook for someone who cooks a lot and wants to try out Mexican techniques, or someone that knows how to do Mexican food but doesn’t know how to veganize recipes. The recipes always give options for removing oil or using vegetables instead of tempeh or seitan. It would also be great for anyone with a grill, Jason Wyrick clearly loves his. So if that sounds like you or someone you love I’m giving away a copy for my US readers.

12/9 update: Contest Closed thanks for playing!

All you need to do is tell me if you have ever had a chimichanga and if so, when and where? Make sure you put your email in the comment form so I can contact you.

My bff and I used to binge eat them on the last day of Girl Scout camp and then our parents would pick us up and want to take us out to dinner. So then we would eat Chinese food or whatever on top of the chimichangas and spend the rest of the night moaning about being too full. Then we would repeat the entire experience the next summer. It was the best of times.


18 thoughts on “Cookbook Giveaway: Vegan Mexico

  1. clarissa cochran

    we used to have chimichanga days in elementary school. i used to LOVE them!
    one day, i but into mine and found a cockroach. i haven’t had one since.
    i think a began chimichanga might make me a lover again!

  2. teachingsucks

    I love the chimichangas at Serrano’s. It was my first Tex Mex meal, when I moved to Austin. It was hilarious when Deadpool made chimichangas a “thing”. Delicious!

  3. Sean Boocock

    I had chimichangas for the first time at a local Arizona chain called Serranos in the late 90s. Been a long time since I’ve tried them though; don’t see a lot of places offering chimichangas let alone vegan(izable) ones.

  4. Michelle Cavigliano

    My mom used to always order a chimichanga when we would go out for Mexican food, as a kid, and I just thought they were “adult” food. My first was in Brooklyn at (now closed) Papacitos. You could “make it wet” (eww) with a red sauce smothered all over it too and it was amazing and gigantic and I would also come home waaay too full.

  5. Kim

    I get the veggie chimi topped with salsa verde and hold all the dairy at a local Mexican joint. One of my faves!

  6. Carla

    I have had a chimichanga, but I haven’t had a vegan one. I would love to try to make a vegan version. Yours looks beautiful.

  7. Jacob Hendrickson

    Chuy’s has a “chuychanga.” You can do like the bean and cheese burrito and just get it without the cheese. 🙂

  8. Gloria

    Being Mexican-American I’ve had a few chimichangas in my life lol I’ve recently gone vegan and I must say it’s been a struggle with recipes and missing my moms food. Hoping to get my hands on this book so I can spice things up and even introduce new recipes to my parents for a healthier alternative

  9. Garrett Magee

    I have yet to try chimichangas anywhere in Austin… I always end up eating tacos, most of the time at Rosita’s Al Pastor in Riverside. They’re so amazing!

  10. Michelle Cutler

    I used to make my own dhimichangas, now I try to stay away from fried foods. They were great though!

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