About Lazy Smurf

I started this blog to keep track of my recipes and things that I cook. It morphed into that plus lots of restaurant reviews from my travels, guides to Austin, and general event information about the Austin vegan happenings. 

You can contact me at VeganLazySmurf at gmail dot com

I also twitter all the time @veganLazySmurf


45 thoughts on “About Lazy Smurf

  1. johan

    hi stephanie,

    good to have met you at surf camp malpais. nice blog. i will surely use some of these recipes. we have a vegan potluck tomorrow night! cr was nice but it’s good to be back in boulder.

    pura vida!

  2. Cathy

    Amanda shared your site with me. I’m glad she did. I’ve been looking the food pictures on an empty stomach. Now I’m drooling on the computer. We’re going to CR in May. Will let you know how we do.

  3. Claire

    Followed here from FFVK, and lo and behold, you’re in Austin, too! It’s always good to find more awesome cooking vegans in town.

  4. Alma

    Hi Lazy Smurf,
    I really LOVE your blog!!!!! It’s always an inspiration.
    I do have one question for you though: are you from any of the countries from the Balkans, because I have seen a picture with several newspapers/magazines that were written in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian?????? Just wondering because I am from that part of the world.

  5. lazysmurf Post author

    Hi Alma, yes my family is originally from the former Yugoslavia. Most of them came here during world war II. Where do you live?

  6. Claire

    Well, I’ve never seen your blog before but I really like it! And your latest post combines Klingon, Tom Robbins, beets and pasta; all great things! I will definitely try the “gagh.” My husband LOVES anything to do with beets, and we grow a lot of them ever year. At the moment we don’t have any, as the harvest is long past. But maybe I’ll have to go out and buy some……

  7. lazysmurf Post author

    If you have a beet lover in your life you should try it, so good and easy. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Jade

    Hi, I like your site – would you like to talk about a possible link exchange? I am also a vegan food loving Austinite, so I’d love to link up and all that.

  9. BFF Claire

    I can’t wait until you come to Portland!! Do you think Jason and I are in a hetero normative relationship? I wish i could have been with you at the top ten. It would have been really fun composing questions for these people.


  10. lazysmurf Post author

    well you are in a heteronormative relationship for sure (1 man married to 1 woman) but you don’t have a heteronormative attitude that assumes all people should fit into that lifestyle.

    I am excited to come to Portland!

  11. Melissa

    What is this portland talk? When is that happening? Hello Stephanie, I hope everything is going great. I love your blog- I read it all the time.

  12. kathleen carver

    Darling little Stephanie,
    A blast from your past!!!!!!!!!!! I am the girl who adores your Daddy-o George
    who took you and Lana to the pump room for brunch like 22 years ago and you guys were dropping sausages on the floor and i was laughing so hard i almost peed!!!!!!!!! I always say to George and my husband the word sausages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your website lazy smurf is so darling and informative!!!!!!! I am so happy for you!!!!!!! My website will be up in 2 weeks along with my first published book Anywhere Theres’ A Chair. It is how to work every body part sitting on a chair or seat in 10-12 minutes a day for all you savvy business girls with time mgmt.issues!!!!!!! I will email you soon,hugs and kisses,Kathleen

  13. TK

    Hello! just came across your blog (I am a brand new vegan) and noticed your cute pups…caught my eye because they look just like our dogs!
    Your blog has been a great resourse,

  14. bangbangsquest

    Hi Lazy Smurf!
    I’ve been following you on Twitter for a few weeks now and just realized you’re in Austin! And I’m in Austin too for a few more days!

    Might you be interested in cooking together and appearing in my blog, if I pay for groceries? Check it out and let me know:

    Alecia 🙂
    Twitter: AleciaBangBang

  15. Breean

    Hey there lady!
    I love your blog, which I just discovered. I just recently started cooking more, so will be interested in trying some of your recipes. Though I will probably be sneaking non vegan stuff back in… sorry.

    Hugs and love.

  16. Sam Manojlovich

    Dear Smurfette

    We need a recipe for meatless sarma. Your cousins Bob, Anka and Sam are waiting in anticipation for your response… and an invitation for your wedding, we can be brides maids.

    Love you

  17. Maureen Redwine

    I recently visited my brother living in Austin and your site was invaluable in helping me get vegan food in your awesome city! Both my husband and brother are omnis, so having your vegan food guide was very helpful – we could find places that had options for all three of us, and since your guide was so thorough, there were lots of places to pick from. This really helped us to plan stops around sights we wanted to see! Unfortunately we messed up the hours at Vegan Yacht, so I didn’t get to try that, but Fete Acompli was delicious! Thank you so much!

  18. Barb Grimsgard

    I’m thrilled to have found your blog! I’m Serbian and was looking for some lenten recipes and came across your site and can hardly wait to try some of your recipes–especially the zelenica (gibanica)! I’ve also passed your site on to my sister who is a Vegan.

  19. Stacey

    I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to see you at SXSW 2011. Thanks for sharing! I am a long-time Austinite who relocated to Chicago in December. (Don’t ask!) I wanted to let you know that I have been a vegetarian since 2009, but you inspired me to try the vegan alternative. It’s been two weeks and incredibly easy!

    Also, can you tell me who your counterpart was at the SXSW panel? I cannot, for the life of me, find my notes. I would love to follow her too.

  20. lazysmurf Post author

    Stacey! That is the most exciting news I have heard all day! I am so glad you are trying out veganism! I go to Chicago quite often my sister lives there. I love the Chicago Diner more than any restaurant in the world. Let me know if there if there is anything I can help with and check out the ppk, it is a great resource for new vegans, http://forum.theppk.com/

    My super awesome co-presenter was the one and only Laura Beck from Vegansaurus http://vegansaurus.com/

  21. Rachael Sanders

    I am from Chicago (currently in Hawaii) and moving to Austin in the spring! How the hell have I not stumbled upon your blog sooner??? All I do every day is read food blogs. 🙂 I’m so happy to have found yours! Yay!

  22. Molly Hyde-Caroom

    I would love to follow your blog but I can’t seem to figure out how to do it! What a great site, we just left Austin and I was bummed that I didn’t see this before we left! We will be back often since we have relatives there and I would love to follow your blog!

  23. Rachel

    I just attended the Bethlehem Vegfest and was lucky enough to sit in on a cooking demo by Jenna and Dianne. They made seitan tacos and they were awesome! Jenna talked about how her inspiration came from the fact that you are doing tacos every day for Vegan Mofo.
    I am so glad they alerted me to your awesome site and I can’t wait to browse some more.
    Hope you have a great day!

  24. Lisa

    Hi there — I’d like to get hold of a copy of the Taco Cleanse Zine. Print or e-zine. Is it still available? Thanks and all the best from Champaign, IL.

  25. jonathan

    Have you been to Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint in Sunset Valley? I think it deserves a review! Daiya cheese and seasoned tofu on pizza with yummy local beers at a reasonable price.

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