Austin’s Worldwide Vegan Bake sale was a great success!

Every year our worldwide vegan bake sale gets a little bigger. This time we spread to two locations and raised money for two sanctuaries. I was really worried we wouldn’t have enough baked goods but Capital City Bakery, Red Rabbit Cooperative, Sugar Mama’s, Mr. Natural, and Happy Vegan Baker along with others all pitched in so I knew we’d have quality! We ended up having tons of volunteer made baked goods too. Sinfull Bakery even shipped us some goodies all the way from Houston! I made pretzel dogs and they sold out super fast! I will definitely make them again!

Here’s some shots from the Counter Culture sale, I wish I could have made it to Monkeywrench

Thanks to everyone that helped especially Brittany my co-organizer, everyone that helped sell stuff all day, and of course everyone that donated!!!

Here is a post from The Horn about the Monkeywrench sale!

Austin Bakes for West is this weekend so please consider donating to their humanitarian aid for our neighbors as well.


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