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All I want for Christmas is you….NOT

God I love a good “not” joke. In my mind I live in a world where Wayne’s World just came out a couple years ago and the year 2011 still seems like the future. But the future is now and Christmas is coming, so here is my annual gift guide. This really sprung from a “things I wish people would buy me” post but the people in my life do not tend to buy me presents from the internet. So maybe your family will. Or maybe you just want to buy yourself something from independent artists or for the vegans in your life. Either way, it is one of my most favorite posts to do.

For vegans especially it is really nice to get gifts that go to a good cause so may I first suggest the Sunny Days in Texas which helps a farm animal sanctuary and was put together by myself and a bunch of awesome folks here in Texas.Or the Hungry Monkey Vegan Cookzine which I just got the other day and benefits rescued lab monkeys!

I really really want the Beagle Freedom Project 2012 calendar, because they are doing amazing work freeing beagles from animal testing operations and they are doing such a great job raising awareness of the issue. And I love beagles like crazy.

Another great gift idea that supports trap and neuter programs for feral cats is the Teal Cat Project, which reclaims or I guess claims old cat tchotkes and makes them beautiful. They are out of cats this second but more are surely on the way and they have cute T-shirts and other items. 

If you’d like to support a wonderful vegan artisan and know someone who longs for the days of Mystery Science Theater 3000 check out this awesomest of awesome Tom Servo Apron. Panda With Cookiehas the cutest stuff on ety including moose onesieis, tofu pirate pillows, and even personalized cat ornaments made to order!

Panda With Cookie also teamed up this year with Food For Lovers, aka the makers of the most addictive and greatest queso in the world to make a little gift set that includes a little felt ornament or a queso cozy (soooo cute)Another one of my favorite crafty vegans, my zoetrope had the cutest paintings, pins, plushes, and even a 12 month wall calendar on sale it her shop. I ❤ the space dachshund!

If you know someone who is always cold Treewool could change their life for the better! Headbands, scarves, hats and even an ear warmer are all on sale inside her shop and it’s all vegan and handmade.

A lot of vegans are big Buffy nerds and most of them would be stoked to find these Yummy Sushi Pajamas so that they too can make rousing speeches while wearing them.

Or maybe the vegan in your life is a Star Wars nerd, if so they will probably love you for the rest of your life if you get them this R2-D2 planetarium. You can watch the stars while listening the John Williams soundtrack!

Or maybe your vegan is that other kind of nerd that has fantisized about wearing an original Star Trek uniform her whole life. Here is an etsy seller who will make them to order!

Or maybe you want to wear it for that special someone which could lead to needing these next Christmas.

Or if you know more of a general nerd baby, not necessarily star trek, then perhaps this narwhal plush is the way to go. 

Other gifts that your friend might like, or maybe your friendly neighborhood hippie is this amazing mushroom growing kit which has everything you need to get started.

This kitchen tape timer is another great idea for the person in your life who maybe would be classified as a kitchen nerd. Or a foodie or whatever. 

This robot tea infuser is the perfect gift for the tea drinker who is anti-lace and pretty flowers but pro robot and stainless steel.

Or maybe you know someone who loves mushrooms, woodland scenes or terrariums, or all of the above! You could buy this super cool one on etsy or you could probably make one yourself for a few dollars and googling “moss terrarium” 

It is a fact that most vegans love cookbooks and a lot of us have a TON so if you are buying one for Christmas, be on the safe side and get them one that came out in the last couple months like Vegan Pie in the Sky (maybe they will make you a pie)

Or the nice glossy Candle 79 (maybe they will make you seitan piccata)

Or if they want to learn to grow their own food or flowers I highly recommend Garden Anywhere

A fantastic idea for the child in your life it “A Christmas Horse Named Cairo”  It’s about Cairo, the Palomino who was rescued last December, and told thru the eyes and voice of Brooke’s youngest, Gracie, age 5. Sunny Day Farms receives all the profit.

If you still have no idea because the only thing you know about this person is that they are vegan it’s hard to go wrong with Rescue Chocolate, who donate money to animal rescue organizations

Or if the only thing you know about them is that they stink, a nice Lush gift box will make them very happy, make sure to get one with the V symbol.

Don’t forget to that your four legged friend needs to feel love this holiday season as well, check out these adorable pet bowls, that are nice and elevated so your friend won’t have to struggle to eat. 

Or if your cat is scratching up the place might I recommend this turntable for him to try. 

Finally, if you know a human out there who wants to ROCK check out the Monster Ballads Xmas. 

And if you really do want to get me something check out my pinterest board. You will learn that I really like blue and orange.

Brussels Sprouts Christmas Trees

Sometimes I get really ridiculous ideas for pictures like restaging an incident when my friends broke my dining room table, or the famous KFC bowl redone but this one in particular was a long time coming. I think it was two Christmases ago that I came up with the plan to form a tree out of mashed potatoes and Brussels Sprouts but I have yet to make it for the actual meal because I keep thinking of ways to make it more complicated; cranberry decorations! ravioli and beggar’s purses surrounding the tree like presents! a star anise topper! gravy whipped into a snow like foam! The possibilities are endless really but the problem is the more you add the more people think you are a lunatic. It is a fine line.

We did this simple test run to see if the tree would even hold up and it did quite well. First we made mashed potatoes with roasted garlic and herbs. Then sautéed the sprouts (cut in half) with onions and balsamic. Then formed a pyramid with the potatoes and pressed the sprouts into them. Next time we are going to make the potatoes a little thicker so that they hold together better and cook the brussels sprouts with a nice miso glaze so they aren’t so dry. I also think chilling them in the fridge would also be a good idea. Finally, we baked them in the oven about 5 minutes, just to make sure everything was toasty and warm and then plated them (carefully) with a spatula. Everyone gets their own tree! What could be better?

Vegan Gift Guide

Usually for Christmas I like to blog about what I really want like this R2-D2 peppermill

or these overpriced but awesome mushroom boxes

or bad ass artwork 

but no one ever buys me anything off the internet so I thought I would do a gift guide of things I have (or want) and LOVE by and for vegans so you can add them to your list or buy them for people you like.

First, if you are looking to buy someone a cookbook my two favorites to come out this year are Appetite for Reduction and Viva Vegan

Appetite for Reduction just came out and though I have only had it a week we have had at least 10 recipes from it and it changed my life forever. Appetite has very simple, quick recipes that are really healthy, low calorie, but really hearty, tasty, and fabulous. It is the kind of recipes I am always looking for so now I don’t even have to keep blogging; they are all in there together. I am going to have to come up with a new hobby like skeet shooting or competitive ping pong. This book would be great for anyone, vegan or not, who is trying to eat healthier since it is full of easy recipes that use vegetables, whole grains and not a lot of vegan substitutes.

When I am not making healthy quick recipes I am usually cooking Mexican, or Central American, or even South American food. Now I don’t have to worry about creating recipes for that passion either because Viva Vegan has taken all the guess work out of veganizing Latin American dishes and put them in a handy wonderful book. I have learned a lot reading this one and I am so happy it exists. I learned to make Arepas because of this book and it has my most favorite seitan recipe I have ever tried. The whole book is really well designed and fun to read,well, if you like reading cookbooks so I think it would make a great gift.

Since veganmofo when I ate beans and rice for a month and now having all my meals from Appetite for Reduction, I have been really happy to have my little bento box because I can pack one layer full of rice or quinoa and the other layer filled with saucy beans. The exact one I have isn’t available anymore but this one from I Love Obento is just as adorable. The nice thing about bento boxes is that they are really tiny, you pack them completely full and you don’t have to worry about putting stuff in little baggies or finding tupperware lids. The whole thing can easily slip into my purse and it collapses to be super small when the meal is eaten.

There are so many talented vegan people out there. I love my vegan mug from Vegan Dish, who has really nice bowls in her etsy shop as well.

I also adore my prints from My Zoetrope, she has a calendar for 2011 where each of the super cute pictures for each month can be framed as 5X7 after the month is over. 

Panda With Cookie has the cutest shop ever filled with monsters, tofu pirates, and “where’s my burrito” buttons. I really want to get the a couple of the onesies for my friend but she hasn’t even had her babies yet so I think it is jumping the gun.

If you are looking to stay warm I love my hat from Softspoken which is very comfortable and made of vegan yarn. The little bubbles do make people want to touch your head a lot so if that makes you nervous check out some of her other hats.

Another great way to stay warm is with long sleeve shirts and hoodies from Herbivore. They have a ton of fun stuff, my favorite being the “I’m vegan and I love you”

Nice bags can be really hard to find, I would love one of these messenger bags from Queen Bee Creations

I do have a bag that I really like from Sugar Lust (yet another Portland company). It has held up really well and it is waterproof they have all sorts of cute ones on etsy like this squid bag.

If you want to get a vegan a bottle of wine may I recommend checking out Barnivore first, it has a huge database of vegan friendly wines and beers. For a nice Christmas beer I recommend the delicious Jubelale, my favorite seasonal brew.

If you are looking for gourmet vegan cheese, candy, marshmallows, or anything else that is hard to find Food Fight is a great shop to check out. They even have vegan haggis.

If you are interested in fine local Texas products may I recommend Vegan Queso that is made right here in Austin.

and the famous Stubb’s BBQ sauce from downtown Austin.

Or Salsa from the Austin Spice Company, probably my favorite jarred salsa ever.

One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is to watch a lot of movies, so here are some favorite Christmas Movies


Finally, everyone one of the best presents you can give is a donation to a worthy organization that helps animals. Here in Texas Sunny Day Farms is always hoping for donations, along with emancipet and Austin Pet’s Alive