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The Jalopy- vegan friendly wraps

Suddenly there is a whole bunch of vegan friendly trailers just south of UT but I think The Jalopy on 15th and San Antonio might be the only one with a sandwich chute.

The whole trailer is covered in murals by local artists.

They make their bread fresh each morning and it’s totally vegan! The menu is split between chicken and veggie, the latter of which has several interesting vegan options. My first trip I tried the Jelly Gibson which has peanut butter, onion marmalade, almonds and berries.

The marmalade was not to my taste but I loved the bread and all the fresh ingredients. The next time I tried the Vegan Thai in a bowl.

And I really missed the homemade bread! Luckily, they were super nice and gave me some. I am excited to try the hummus sandwich next, I think it will be even better. They are open Monday – Friday 7-10 and Saturday 10-4. Sadly none of the breakfast options are vegan but it’s the perfect place to stop for lunch with someone that doesn’t want vegan food and still have plenty to eat.

Plus narwhals!