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Republican Tea baggers

I guess we should feel sorry for the tea baggers because it really shows a lack of a good education more than anything else. Don’t you people realize that you eventually have to pay for all the lack of regulation and multiple wars? Where did you think this money was going to come from? That is one of the reasons that we were all so mad but you were to busy being patriotic, buying things cheaply at Walmart, and supporting the president in a time of war that you didn’t pay attention.Hey dude with the hat, maybe you should re- read that constituion. Hey 11 Trillion guy: That is because of BUSH!

This is just sad! Now is the first time you are afraid of the governemt? Not when they started torturing people, rolling back civil liberties or killing all those people? Now?

These two I have no words for.

But so far this is the most disgusting example. Hitler? Killing 4 million people? Don’t you think that comparison is a little over the top?

Psst! What this man doesn’t realize is that he can’t have an abortion.

Like protesting dog licencing fees?

Ah, another vegan in the crowd! With a mullet no less!

Can you believe Obama made an economic depression in just 3 months? Oh I miss the good old days of Bush with his fiscal responsibility, he never would deregulated big business and then bailed out big banks.

racist and proud!