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travel rant and a sick dog

You can skip this rant

I was flying back from Chicago to Austin and they took away my peanut butter. It made me so freaking mad (don’t worry, I internalized the rage and gave up the peanut butter without argument). It seems I always get into these stupid disagreements with the TSA about if things are a liquid or a solid. I have taken humus through O’hare plenty of times. Sesame paste, still in a sealed bottle, was taken away from me in St. Louis. Teese was OK. My olives were taken from me in Portland (they were more solid than the brine, which I offered to pour out, but they still threw them out) and today O’hare stole my freaking peanut butter. What the hell is the physical difference between humus and peanut butter? I just hate the waste of it all. At least, they could give it to a homeless person. I ate my orange and my luna bar but damn it, the crackers were dry. I also bought a soy latte from the Starbucks and it cost $4.91, I uttered “Jesus”, and the cashier said. “Welcome to O’hare”. Did you notice how they never say “fly the friendly skies” anymore? It is because they aren’t friendly anymore. And I don’t buy that all of these precautions have any effect on terrorism whatsoever. They just cause a lot of hassle which was probably one of the aims of the terrorists anyway, to make our country less free. So the terrorists won. Good job Homeland Security.

What kind of food do you guys like to take on through the airport?

Rant Over

So, I was also in a bad mood because after spending the last couple days taking care of my Baba Dinger developed a lot of problems with his hind legs, he wasn’t jumping up and he could hardly walk so he spent the last couple days at the vet. They still don’t know what is wrong but his x-rays showed that his spine is OK and they don’t think it is neurological. He is going to stay on pain medicine for a couple weeks with bed rest and we will see what happens.

They put him out with anesthesia which made me really nervous. He’s just a little guy! I have been so worried about him. I am just crazy about this dog. Even the doctor and nurse really liked him! They said he was an angel, aw.