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National Vegan Pizza Day!

When I first found out that January 29th was vegan pizza day I was kind of awestruck by how many vegan cheese options that we have in Austin now. It seems like only yesterday that the Parlor was the only spot for a luscious pie. It is still my favorite because they also have vegan meat and green olives.

But now we also have Conan’s, Mellow Mushroom, Zpizza, Hoboken, Whole Foods, Casa de Luz, Rockin’ Tomato, Beets, and my other favorite Promise Pizza.

In addition to making pies and calzone’s at Whole Foods they also have premade takeaway pies so you can dress them any way you want (I went with 7 kinds of olives) and bake them at home to make your dogs jealous.

If you are so lazy that you want someone to bring a pizza to you we now have that as well, even if you live in South Austin like me. Conan’s Pizza is even running a free Daiya cheese special for the rest of January so ACT NOW! 

Also on Saturday the Health Alliance for Austin musicians is having a big benefit party. They are going to have free spaghetti and marinara, vegan donuts, AND if you want to bring something vegan, they will deep fry whatever you want. And they are showing the Karate Kid.

Now we just need someone to start carrying the Teese vegan mozzarella sticks.

or a Mexican Pizza topped with Food for Lover’s vegan queso