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VeganMoFo- NadaMoo!

I never thought I could live in a world without ice cream. In fact, I never even considered giving up ice cream for any reason. Sure the cows are tortured, it has a ton of sugar, more saturated fat than almost anything, and is totally lacking in nutrition but it was also one of my favorite parts about life. When I went vegan I didn’t even realize that I wouldn’t be able to eat ice cream anymore! I thought about how I wouldn’t be able to eat Chicago style pizza, Crepes, or Queso & Chips at the Alamo anymore and I was willing to let that go but I didn’t think about how I wouldn’t be able to eat ice cream until I got the craving.

I went to the store and got some sort of Cherry Garcia knockoff thinking that would be an easy one to replicate vegan style. I opened it up in my backyard sitting on my hammock on a 100 degree day expecting the worst. It was more disgusting than I could have imagined. Totally inedible. I tried a few other kinds and though they were better it was still always a disappointment and not at all like what I was used to.

Then one day at Central Market I noticed a “Shop Local” sign in the vegan frozen treats case and my interest was piqued. It was a brand I hadn’t seen before.  I checked the ingredient list expecting the worst. Instead I found

coconut milk, organic agave nectar, organic brown rice, organic chicory root, grain-sweetened chocolate chips (whole grain barley, and corn, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, pure natural vanilla), organic mint extract, carrageenan, organic guar gum, sea salt.

I couldn’t believe it! Agave Nectar! Brown Rice! Coconut milk! Of course it makes so much sense to use coconut milk the creamiest and fattiest of all the milks.

I brought it home and opened the top of the mint chocolate chip (my favorite since childhood) and that day my life changed for the better. It smelled like coconut. It tasted divine. I would never want for ice cream again! Thank you NadaMoo for being so great! Folks, if you get a chance try some you won’t be disappointed. Hopefully, as time goes on, they will have as many flavors as Ben & Jerry and you will be able to buy NadaChubbyHubby at any store.

* Note I do not know the people at NadaMoo nor am I affliated with them in any way. I am just very thankful and hopeful that if I spread the word the company will stick around.