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Vegan guide to Oaxaca – Mazunte

IMG_2587Oaxaca, in general, is so different than other places I’ve been in Mexico and Mazunte is follows suit, it’s everything I would want in a Mexican beach. The town is super chill and friendly. The main activity for tourists is yoga which, of course, leads to lots of vegan-friendly restaurants. There isn’t much to do in town besides to relax on the sand, hike up to see the sunset at Punta Cometa, or have cocktails on the playa.

Since coconuts are easier to come by down here than cows coconut ice cream is the norm. This spot had all sorts of artisanal flavors like spirulina avocado and gluten-free cone bowls.

Breakfast was on the beach at one of the five or six restaurants where they are happy to make you feel at home and sit there all day long.


Most of the restaurants in town had vegan options, from sushi to fideo to Italian. I couldn’t try it all but don’t worry when Happy Cow says there is nothing, everyone I talked to understood the word vegan. We even found vegan chocolate and horchata at the artisan market.ACS_0060

VeganGuide toOAXACA

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