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The Great Juice Schism: Juiceland & The Daily Juice

A lot of people have been wondering what the deal is and why the Daily Juice on Barton Springs and Lake Austin Blvd turned into Juiceland.From what I understand, two guys opened the original Daily Juice pictured above on Barton Springs, Matt Shook and Keith Wahrer. Keith wanted to franchise into even more locations and Matt didn’t so Matt retained ownership of the first two locations and changed the name to Juiceland while Keith kept the Daily Juice Cafe in Hyde Park and plans to open more all over town.

Lake Austin Blvd Juiceland

I think the split has actually been a great thing. I was already obsessed with the Matt Shook / soup peddler run Juicebox. I do love smoothies and the green smoothies at the Juicebox are the best I had had, I even put the green monster on my 2011 top ten. Since the Juicebox is close to home it took a twitter deal for half off to finally bring me to Juiceland and now I have returned several times. Their old menu wasn’t very inspiring to me, regular fruit smoothies are something I usually just want to make at home. But the new menu is so much more delightful! Both the smoothies and the juices are divivded into sections like fruit, green, protein and dessert. This is really nice and helpful, their line up of green smoothies is super exciting and I don’t remember them even having any before. I just tried the Tikal the other day and at Lake Austin location and it had pineapple, papaya, ormus supergreens, and lime. It was so tropical and delicious!

Even more appealing is the “next level” and “even further” sections of the menu. This is where you will find smoothies like “Kaleibrator” which is coconut water, banana, durian, kale, spirulina, pecan butter, hemp seeds, coconut oil . Can you believe it!?! You can totally become a level 5 vegan just by trying it. It is the same deal with the juices, you could try the “Ninja Bachelor Party” pineapple, jalapeno, celery, kale, spinach, parsley, salt.

Juiceland Edamame Bowl

Plus, they have ready-made takeaway which, I think, have gotten so much better than the all raw creations of the past. I have really been enjoying the soba noodle, kale & edamame bowl. It is surprisingly tasty and really filling.

They also have a ton of vegan food stuffs like power bars, energy bars, fruit bars, kale chips, and even homemade soup from the Soup Peddler. If you are looking to go on a juice diet you can buy their special blends by the gallon and not just the Master Cleanse, but their own signature blends like Unicorn Blood which has Watermelon, Beet, Celery, and Ginger or the Tri Pinnacle which has Coconut Water, Avocado, Spinach, and Kale. How the hell do you juice an avocado anyway? I don’t know but Juiceland has found away.

On the other hand, the Daily Juice has kind of gone in the opposite direction, they stopped being all raw and added items like vegan nachos and the Sweet Ritual vegan ice cream shop opened up inside. Unfortunately, they also added dairy cheese so make sure to specify when you go.

Daily Juice vegan nachos!

So that’s the story. Don’t worry about going to Juiceland, it’s still mostly run and filled with hippies and the super active people that populate such establishments so I promise it will be completely non-threatening, non-corporate and satisfying.



The Daily Juice and The Soup Peddler together at last

Did you ever have a dream that two of your favorite places would combine forces into one super place? Like when the “After Dark” opened up into the same building as the “Peach Pit”. Or what if a place you already love and go to all the time started selling something else you loved, like if the Double R Diner started selling vegan donuts. Essentially that is what is happening with the Soup Peddler and the Daily Juice.

The Daily Juice is a place you don’t want to miss in Austin, and it is pretty easy to find since now they have multiple locations.

Barton Springs

The have about a million kinds of delicious organic super healthy juices. Everything from simple juices like The Sugar Magnolia (peaches and watermelon) to the more complicated offerings like the Thai Curious (carrot, coconut, ginger, beet, cilantro, cayenne, lime, and Himalayan sea salt)

and they also offer really great house made raw foods and kale chips, and bars.

The problem with all that raw food is that sometimes you want something hot and comforting. That is why I am so excited that the Juice is teaming up with the number one soup expert in the state of Texas.

The Soup Peddler is a guy in Austin who, after being disillusioned with his boring job, decided to start making big pots of vegetarian soup, taking orders to see how many people in the neighborhood wanted the soup, and then delivering them by bike. We used to get the soup every week. On Wednesdays we would set out our cooler and reusable soup bucket and when I got home from work I would have a beautiful soup waiting for me. The business constantly evolves and now he has teamed up with the creator of the Daily Juice and together they are going to open a soup/juice restaurant a stone’s throw from my old house! I can’t believe how many new places are opening in my old neighborhood but the Juicebox is the most heartbreaking. Well heartbreaking is a pretty a pretty strong word since I can still go there all the time. If you want to read about how all this happened check out David’s blog because he chronicles the whole process, a really interesting 5 parts story if you have ever thought about opening a restaurant or food service.

Anyway the Daily Juice, along with some other places like the Whip in, are now carrying the Soup so you can pick it up any time instead of ordering ahead! And that’s right folks, all the soups are VEGAN! I went to the location on the west side the other day.

location on Lake Austin Blvd.

and I was so excited to see they were carrying my most favorite soup in the whole rotation, the Mulligatawny! 

It was delicious and served in a coffee cup which was perfect for my on the go soup eating needs. Of course I got juice too.

and I felt like I was having the healthiest and tastiest food in Austin! The only way they could make it more convenient is if they started running after me carrying those cups of wonderfulness. But that would probably scare the hell out of so an actual establishment really makes more sense in this case.