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Get Sum Dim Sum

I love dumplings; if you wrap some food in dough and bake, boil, or fry it I promise I will eat it. I guess that is really true for most people. Dumplings are popular all over the world and maybe most popular in China from what I understand from watching Anthony Bourdain travel there. Apparently they constantly eat dim sum from little carts which I think I first saw in Working Girl and now am always reminded of when I think about Dim Sum. If you haven’t seen Working Girl you totally should, it is the ultimate 80s quasi-feminist movie where through a series of misunderstandings and sheer gumption a woman earns the 80s American Dream: Harrison Ford and a corner office.

Get Sum Dim Sum is a fast food style spot across the street from Central Market on North Lamar and they are taking dumplings out of the dim sum cart and serving them all day. When you first walk in you pick out a menu and then write right on it with a little dry erase pen exactly what you want. They automatically have several combo options for $7.75 in case you don’t want to read the menu and always have vegetarian specials. Vegan items are clearly labeled and are represented in every part of the menu. I have been there a couple of times and for a fast casual place they really have a lot of options and the food is pretty good and a good deal as well.Recently I tried the lunch special with the rice soup. Everything comes out really quickly and the dumplings come in little bamboo steamer baskets. The rice soup was very comforting if plain and good for the rainy day we were having. The flat dumplings were my favorite.I think they were the “Vegetarian Dumplings” which are filled with Baby Bok Choy, Shitake Mushrooms, and Water Chestnuts in a Wheat Starch wrapper, but that might have been these.I know, right, this is the worst review ever, I was too busy thinking about Harrison Ford to take good notes. I know the steamed spinach dumplings were green and so good.They also have vegan sesame balls stuffed with red bean paste for dessert.The menu is rounded out with bao, buddha’s delight, seaweed wrapped tofu dumplings, and pot stickers and I am excited to try it all. You can also order ahead and pick up or have it delivered through Eat Out In and eat your dim sum at home with working girl and thinking about how you too can make waves and climb the corporate ladder with Dim Sum.