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Austin’s Mega Potluck, the Gathering of the Tribes, is this Saturday 4/21

Have you ever wanted to have dinner with hundreds of people that love vegan food? Or maybe you want to win millions of fabulous prizes while supporting Sunny Day Farms? Well let me tell you, The Gathering of the Tribes is the event for you. Vegans will completely take over Pease park in our the completely nonviolent style of giant potluck. While you are there you can recruit people to come to the bake sale next weekend! Remember to bring a large dish with a serving utensil along with your own plate, utensils, and beverage. Or eat with your hands like a Paleo person! The organizers would also like you to list ingredients for those with food sensitivities and of course make sure everything is vegan. Get there early by 4 if you want to snag a cap city cupcake! Earth Day Every Day!