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Too little too late: vegan options at fun fun fun fest.

So obviously, well obviously if you went, fun fun fun fest is over but I wanted to share some pics because A) I took them B) people in the future might wonder if ffffest is vegan friendly (spoiler: it has been from the get go!) and C) I think two of the new-to-me vendors might be out in the greater Austin scene the other 362 days that are not fun fun fun fest. That was such a poorly constructed sentence that I will take this opportunity to apologize. The whole fest has gotten so huge. In addition to the veggie hot dog eating contest, which has been going on for a while, there was also vegan arm wrestling, the taco canon, regular wrestling, and expanded skatepark and bmx biking.

People even color coordinate to match the stage they are watching. 

I saw a couple of bands that I liked but once I saw the menu for the new Whole Foods truck I was totally preoccupied with getting one of their sliders and chickpea fries.They haven’t decided where the truck is going to be forever, but it looks very mobile so I bet it will move around a lot. If you see it try the Argentinean and tell me how it is because I tried the New Yorker and I really enjoyed it. I loved the chicken and the spicy buffalo sauce. I was worried about the celery dressing because I’m not a big celery fan but it was creamy and non offensive to my overactive celery taste buds  My only criticism is that the bun was too bunny. I don’t need all that bread. But I guess too much is better than not enough, right? Maybe that’s just how sliders are. I was so thankful there were two vegan options. They were out of the chickpea fries by the time I made it back but I’m will follow this cart until I get to try them!

The New Yorker: mock chicken with vegenaise and spicy wing sauce topped with celery dressing.

Later, I saw another stand, True Nature’s Child, that promised vegan and gluten-free farm fresh options. I really wanted to try it because the menu sounded great but it wasn’t to be. It looks like they are at a farmer’s market for now, I’ll follow and hopefully get to try them someday. I loved that they have cashew vegan cheese. I’m so sick of daiya. There were a ton of other familiar carts too, Kebabalicious, Hey Cupcake, the Naan Stop, Juiceland and probably other ones too. I can’t remember them all. I am so tired. That’s my report.

PS Get ready, tomorrow is November 6th, better known as National Nacho Day

PPS I found out the energy sheets I was talking about the other day are vegan! Maybe I should take one right now….


Fun Fun Fun Fest

I had the best weekend.  Friday I went out with some friends and then got to eat in the basement of the Clay Pit! I have never been down there and it was really wonderful, I love going out with other vegans. On Saturday I went to Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest. I love music and festivals & I have been to different ones all over the country. Fun Fun Fun Fest is one of my most favorites. It is a lot smaller than most fests for one thing and you have total freedom of movement which I love. I can’t stand being trapped. Also I think there is really more vegan food than there is non vegan food which is so awesome. There was falafel, stir-fry, green chile popcorn, smoothies, tamales, chili dogs, and vegan pizza from the Parlor.

Although the beer was vegan it wasn’t good. At least I got a Koozie.

One of my favorite parts of Fun Fun Fun Fest is watching all the people, it is a mix of punks, hipsters, and hard core kids. As someone who would probably be most comfortable in a burka if it was socially acceptable I am always fascinated by people that are into fashion and having a look. I am happy to announce that it looks like extremely tight pants are finally over. But the 80s are totally in. I saw more fanny packs than I have seen since 1987. Also, although mustaches have been popular for a couple years now, it seems like they have gotten more substantial and are often paired with a cap which reminds me of 1930’s Italian New Yorkers. Or Gallagher.

I saw at least 10 people that looked like this sans watermelon

The best part was of course was the music. I thoroughly enjoyed Foot Patrol, and Austin Band whose songs all revolve around feet.

They had really awesome dancers that were super fun to watch. The whole band dresses up in costumes and plays “funky grooves that combine l98Os Minneapolis funk with Hip Hop, James Brown, New Wave, Funkadelic, video game music, and many more influences in an absurdist postmodern celebration.”

I also loved Ratatat, an electronic duo from New York. I really liked their music but I especially enjoyed their stage show which was had psychedelic style projections that went with the music. There was this one with birds that was pretty terrifying.

The next day it was raining and I spent the day cuddled up with the dogs watching To Die For.

It was a good day.

Fun Fun Fun Fest

Over the weekend I was at the Fun Fun Fun fest, I had a great time! I saw so many great bands including

Experimental Dental School


Dengue FeverCentromatic

Octopus Project (super awesome!)

Golden Arm Trio



The National

I snuck in a sandwich because a vegan’s motto is (like the girl scouts) always be prepared but I needn’t have worried. There were lots of things to eat from stands selling vegan Jambalaya and rice and beans to an outpost from The Parlor selling vegan cheeze, sausage, and garlic spinach pizza.

They also had an awesome stand called McGovern’s Organics which is a company that delievers vegan and glueten free meals and pastries around town. I had one of the best brownies of my life! It was so good, they also had frozen chocolate covered bananas on a stick which was the perfect thing to eat on a hot day! What a good idea. Here is a bad picture, it got really dusty in the afternoon.So the festival was a lot of fun. I danced like crazy and had fun fun fun. I also think it is one of the greatest fests ever for people watching, so many punks, hardcore kids, and scenesters all wearing often poorly fitting and interesting outfits. The festival was about a thousand times better than Austin City Limits which I went to earlier this year. The bands were better, you could leave and go places and come back, there was parking everywhere, it wasn’t claustrophobic, there were no chair people (who set up a whole camping spot in front of the stage so that you can’t walk around), it was only 20 bucks, AND it was in a nicer park. And you can bring your puppy! I saw this one.

The next morning I went to Kerby Lane because I read on Vegans Rock Austin that they had changed their vegan breakfast platter. Its true! The new platter has baked tofu that is actually seasoned (unlike there old unpressed, over crumbled, unseasoned, watery tofu) with vegan pancakes and soysage. The latter could still use some work but I thought it was better than the inedible rock that I had the last time. The tofu was about a million times better and the pancakes were great. We even had terrific service. So score for Kerbey Lane, no longer will a breathe a heavy sigh when someone wants to go there.