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Triple Chocolate Chipotle Brownies

I got the book Get it Ripe by jae steele so that I would eat healthier. So of course, the first dessert I try from the book is the extremely decadent coconut butter, dark chocolate, cocoa powder, sweetened chocolate, and sugar brownie. But hey it had spelt flour so it is better than some coffee shop brownie… right?

Anyway these are the best brownies I have ever made fudgey, chocolaty, a tiny bit coconutty with a hit of spice at the end. I adore these brownies. I would eat ten of them. I don’t want to eat ten of them though! I could probably sell these for 20 bucks a piece they are so good.Here is the recipe


Chickpea Crêpes with Roasted Vegetables & Gravy

I haven’t had a lot of luck with vegan crêpes until now. The recipe from the Voluptous Vegan will now be my go to recipe, every single one turned out perfect, no sticking, no splitting, and the crepes were the perfect consistancy. Since they were made with chickpea flour and chives they tasted super, a little Indian even.

I also used her recipe for White Bean and Garlic sauce which was fantastic. The directions didn’t say to blend it, but I thought it would make a more appealing sauce but really it tasted like the world’s greatest vegan gravy. All you do it chop two onions and cook them for 7 minutes, add 8 cloves of chopped garlic and cook for another minute, add a can of white beans, a bouquet garni of 5 sage leaves, a bay leaf, and a sprig of thyme, and 2.5 cups of broth. Let it cook for about 15 minutes, remove the bouquet garni and blend. It was easy, healthy and delicious.

For the vegetables I just chopped up broccoli, cauliflower, a red onion, a sweet potato, and some garlic, sprinkled it with seasoning and oil and roasted in a 375 degree oven.  It was a great combo but whatever mix you have will probably work. I am excited because I have extra vegetables and more crepes and more gravy so no cooking tonight! It was really a fantastic meal and so easy to do. I want to remember to make it the next time I have company and don’t have anything prepared since everything I used was a pantry stable.