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Another One Bites the Dust: This is the last week for the Longhorn Food Court

You know what I think would be awesome? What if we tore down every single thing that makes living in Austin great and replaced it with condos and hotels. That way we could have even more people and more traffic, we are only 4th on the list of worse traffic in the US, we can make this happen people!!!

I understand that trailers are by their nature somewhat mobile and that trailer parks are owned by developers just waiting to turn their land into something more profitable because this is America goddammit. I sighed when I read a couple weeks ago that the landmark south congress trailers are this time really really closing. But I was beyond PISSED when I heard the vegetarian friendly trailer park that is five blocks from my office is closing to make room for condos. I’m the freaking mayor for godsakes. There aren’t that many walkable happy places to eat in this hood. I can get tacos at a place called Bacon. I can get a nine dollar smoothie at a gym. I can get a shitty bagel from a corporate behemoth or I can brave the crowds and mobs of babies at Whole Foods if I want to go somewhere for lunch without hopping in my car to the Wheatsville promise land. The Longhorn food court was like a dream come true.

I can clearly remember the first time I went to conscious cravings and soon after got my whole office hooked on the spicy chickpea wrap and the chimmichurri seitan. My coworkers even all ask for the vegan cheese! It fills my vegan heart with glee. We all make bad jokes about how we are consciously craving it.

And then when Capital City Bakery opened up I was able to turn everyone on to the wonder that can be vegan baked goods from the best in the biz. I think I also gained 10 pounds but it was all worth it! Whatever, I’m going to be glad I have it when the collapse of civilization comes and you all are regretting those juice cleanses.

And Moses Falafel is the only place I know of in the world that will substitute FRENCH FRIES in your falafel if you don’t like lettuce. And they even have falafel tacos. It’s so good.

The people that “own” the land, the people that these trailers pay money to every month, didn’t even bother to give the trailer owners 30 days notice. They were told they had to get out in a week. When I went yesterday none of the trailers knew what to do yet. They guy at Moses told me that hearing the news and having his credit card machine break down on the same day made it the worst day of his life. He said he is going to have to close for a while and reassess.  Cap City and Conscious Cravings are both looking for new spots. Probably east. URGH. I’m so depressed. I vowed to eat there all week. Some vegans are even getting together for a last Hurrah this Friday. And meanwhile Republicans are out there trying to get rid of the weekend. What a world.

UPDATE: Conscious Cravings will be moving north to 5715 Burnet Rd (right next to the Mister Car Wash)


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope that you already made plans if you want to do something with your sweetie tonight. I know Counter Culture and Bouldin Creek are both doing special fancy dinners. If they are sold out, there are chocolate covered strawberries galore at places like Mr. Natural and the Daily Juice. And of course sundaes and now hard packed ice cream at Sweet Ritual. I’ve been lusting over the pictures. If you’re a Valentine’s Day hater the Alamo is doing a Love Bites sing-a-long which I so want to go to. We started celebrating early by going to Capital City Bakery yesterday and I want to go back today – before they sell out- to get some broken heart cookies for my friends. Dan got us a six pack of cuppies.

They are so good.

They also have pretty glittery cookies.

And non glittered for the broken hearts

My person has to work tonight but don’t worry about me, I’ll be cuddling with the snuggliest beagles in the world wearing my “eat your heart out I’m Serbian” T-shirt in true Lazy Smurf style.