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Pepper Tree Buffet in Houston is better than any Chinese buffet in Austin

I’ve always loved Chinese Buffet but have also learned to go in knowing that you’re in for a kind of disgusting experience of sticky cloying sauces, dry tasteless sushi, and egg rolls and rice that taste like styrofoam. Over the weekend in Houston I finally got to try the much lauded, all vegan, Pepper Tree buffet and it was the opposite experience. All of the food was in small portions that we constantly being refilled at this busy little strip mall restaurant. There were plentiful delicious vegetables, including an incredibly tender and tasty eggplant. They even had lovely little desserts, I had a coconut cake and a few red bean stuffed sesame balls. I didn’t even feel sick afterwards. Also, I learned Houston doesn’t have Cedar Fever so if you are ready to escape it at all costs, I recommend the trip. It was just lovely to feel my sinuses open up.

Even though it was in the 80s all weekend it might snow tonight! Texas winters are completely nutso. If you are wondering what to hunker down with, here is my soup guide. I hate the winter. We better at least get a snow day this time. I have two beagles that need extreme cuddling.