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This is the end…. or is it? (it’s not)

The end of veganmofo is here. In it’s honor I have posted Boyz II Men’s Spanish Version of End of the Road. If you think this is because I am out of my mind you are dead wrong, this is exactly what my mind is like.

Since it is the last day and I’m not going to blog for a while I thought someone out there (me) might want a wrap up of all the rice and beans recipes I did this month.

My favorite was, without a doubt, Frijoles Refritos (vegan refried beans)

other great recipes I tried or made up that I liked were

Arroz Verde

Gallo Pinto

Mushroom Beans and Garlic Rice

Riso Rosso and Roman Beans

Drunken Beans and Seitan Chorizo

Morning Spiced Rice

My favorite post was the video I made from the Austin Chili Cook-off, it was a ton of fun


and if you are in the mood for one more video check out so so vegan beans and rice



I’m Dreaming of a Chocolate Pretzel Tart

I think the first sign of the Christmas season for me was when, the day after Thanksgiving, all the ice cream trucks stopped playing their usual tunes and switched over to Christmas music.

I also have a sudden and  overwhelming desire to bake cookies and make other fabulous desserts which usually I couldn’t care less about. I saw this Chocolate Pretzel Tart on pictures and pancakes and I have been kind of obsessed with veganizing it for the holidays. The picture is so beautiful.

Or maybe I will make buckeyes with a chocolaty pretzel shell.

I haven’t decided yet.

The one thing I do know is that is is really good timing for Isa’s new book “Appetite for Reduction” to come out. I can’t wait to get my hands it! Luckily she already posted some of the recipes. Last night we tried the Caribbean Curry Black-Eyed Peas with Plantains. I never would have thought steamed plantains would be so great; I have always had them baked, stewed or fried, but they worked really well in this dish.