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Austin Bakes for Austin this Saturday November 30th

Our bake sales for Natural Disaster relief started with Austin Bakes for Japan where we couldn’t believe it when we raised $11,540. Next, after the wildfires in Bastrop we got together and raised $12,500. Then after the plant explosion in West Texas, and incredibly, we raised $18,251.92. The team behind the bake sales is really amazing at organizing and having simultaneous events all over town and having sponsors do donation matching and really just having an entire community come out to support humanitarian aid. It’s really sad that this time it’s for people in our own backyard who have been devastated by the October floods. I know I’ll never forget that picture of the horses being led through the water or the raging waters at Barton Springs. Overnight I got 12 inches in my backyard and all of the creeks around me were sweeping over the roads. Over four hundred of my neighbors lost their houses completely. 

Is it weird that now whenever there is a disaster I start planning on what I can bake? Maybe it is, but I hope that you think this way too because we need lots of vegan bakers to participate. Actually, we always need vegans, sugar free people, gluten free, and nut free people to bring in their best treats because it is terrible turning people away. Think of the children! Plus, the next time someone tells you it’s wrong that you only care about animals you can say, “actually I recently donated to this huge effort for humanitarian aid right here in town”. The team always picks excellent charities and all the money for our Austin sale will go to Austin Disaster Relief Network a super local organization.  This time I’ll be heading up the table at Sugar Circus with my bake sale buddy Nelly but there will be locations all over town where you can drop off baked goods or buy and donate.

If you’d like to lend a hand, please sign up here!

We would also love your help spreading the word, here are some ways to help from the Austin Bakes site 

Visit our fundraising page on FirstGiving to make a donation to Austin Disaster Relief Network.

If you are thinking about what to bake check out some of my other posts here and here remember to list your ingredients and wrap things up. Here are some more tips on the Austin Bakes site.  People love savory things! For the worldwide vegan bakesale I made these pretzel dogs and they were the first thing to sell out. And remember to come out and support the sale & tell all your friends and co-workers.


The Bake Sale was a Success!

We had such good turnout for the bake sale on Sunday at Ten Thousand Villages to benefit Food For Life’s work in Haiti. There was Red Velvet Cupcakes Oatmeal Cream Pies, German Chocolate Cupcakes, Chewy Chocolate Cherry Cookies, Magic Cookie Bars, Thyme Spiced Nuts, Rice Krispie Treats

Pistachio Rosewater Cupcakes

And the donuts that I madeand there was tons of other stuff, It just kept coming in all day.

Arthur was overwhelmed with the decisions

Molly from Scratch and Sniff also got on News 8 Austin!

Everyone raved about the baked goods, actually my friends were still talking about what they ate just this morning. In the end we still had stuff leftover that Jessica took to Food Not Bombs who was feeding people in the park.

The best part is that we raised enough money to feed 2880 Haitians a healthy vegan meal.

Here is Sarah, who did such a great job making all the posters, with the checks for Food For Life

I was thinking that maybe we could have another one over SXSW! Let me know if you are interested 🙂

Thanks to everyone who helped and who bought something!!!!!!!!!!

Austin Vegan Bakesale Recipe Round-up

Mmmm doughnuts.....

This Sunday, January 24th, we are having a bake sale to raise money for victims of the earthquakes in Haiti at Ten Thousand Villages on South Congress from noon to 4 pm. I am thinking about making doughnuts. A lot of non vegans are a little mystified about what to make so I thought I would share some recipes that I have had success with. I am more of a savory cook but I enjoy baking too…. well eating baked goods anyway. Unlike my regular cooking I try to follow a recipe as close as possible so I use some of my favorite blogs and cookbooks.

Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World is a terrific little book with tons of ideas and recipes with lots of baking advice if you are interested in a book you can pick it up at almost any bookseller in town. I have made the Mexican Hot Chocolate, Mucho Margareta, Chai Tea, Chocolate, Apple Spice, Jelly Donut, Green Tea and who knows how many other cupcakes. The Earl Grey variation that we made for the Star Trek feast has been my favorite so far!

Mr. Smurf is kind of a cookie fanatic and he makes these chocolate chip cookies from the PPK blog all the time. They are delicious, easy, and use mostly ingredients that you probably have around. Over the holidays I became obsessed with these mint chocolate chip cookies from Readymade magazine. The recipe yielded a ton and at least one person said they were the best cookies that he ever had! I made lots of cookies and one of my personaly favorites was these chocolate chocolate cookies with peanut butter insides. My friend said they tasted like something you find at a bakery! The recipe was from the fantastic “Cakemaker to the Stars” where the wonderful kittie has tons of great recipes and advice. I have made the buckeyes and the peanut butter filled whoopie pies which would be a GREAT recipe to try because my friends will pay serious money to eat those whoopie pies!

Another fantastic recipe that I just adore is the Triple Chocolate Chip Brownie. This recipe has some pricey ingredients but a spicy, gooey, chocolate brownie is really something to sing about.

Another great source of recipes are the Cupcake Punk, especially if you like really creative baking recipes with alcohol! And many are gluten free! I really want to try her Cheesecake Bites, Kahlua Cream Cheese Swirl Brownies, and  Chocolate Espresso Cake. Finally, a great online resource is the Bittersweet Blog. The author Hannah Kaminsky has a book as well called My Sweet Vegan. Her blog has tons of great look recipes like Cinnamon Buns, Zucchini Babka, and even dog biscuits, you don’t want to leave the pups out! Mmm bake sale….