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An Ecomposter, rebates, and why I love the government

That’s right you tea party fucks. I love the government. How you do like them apples? Between funding my job, making it possible for me to buy a house, and all the energy efficient rebates and help I have gotten through the city and Obama I couldn’t be happier with paying taxes right now. No more slum lord for me! I got a rebate yesterday for my new composter. The city of Austin deal is that if you take a class on composting, buy an approved unit, and switch to a smaller trash can you get a 75 dollar rebate on a composter. When I saw the ecomposter for sale on Woot for a hundred bucks I (figuratively) jumped on it… also because it really reminds me of the death star.

The best part about the ecomposter is that you can roll it around in any direction on its base which for some reason is really fun so we do it all the time. Also you can put stuff in from the top or the bottom so if you have a bunch of junk in your hands you it is very accessible. Then you can easily roll it off the base and push it around to where you need it.  I learned in the class that the best thing you can do for your lawn is add a layer of compost to it which is really easy to do when you are just kicking the big ball around.

There was a downside, though, it came in a million little pieces and took about 7 hours to put together. 

Somehow I avoided this chore (have I mentioned I can be kind of lazy?) and Mr. Smurf put the whole thing together by himself while I rested.

I got the rebate yesterday and the whole thing ended up costing 20 bucks. Hooray for composting!

If anyone has any tips for me on composting (its all new to me!) let me know!