Vegan Guide to Japan – Kyoto

Kyoto is where you go when you want to experience the other side of Japanese culture. Whereas Tokyo is neon and anime Kyoto is cherry trees and geishas.IMG_1569

Since it was December there was lots of citrus and at the market, I got to try a citrus mochi which I can still remember the taste and the texture of. The Nishiki Market is also the home of a soy milk ramen and tiramisu at Mumoketeki.IMG_1633

Another day we went to 0% Arabica for coffee, hiked around the bamboo forest, and then had sushi and potato cutlets for lunch at Prunus.
We took the tram across town to the Golden Temple and then had the most authentic matcha ever at Ipoddo.ChoiceCheese

Another surprise by the Keihan Sanjo subway station was Choice, an all GF vegan cafe that makes their own amazing vegan cheese! I had the french onion soup, chocolate covered pancakes, and we split all the cheeses. We had to get two extra orders of crackers though because 4 was not enough! I would love to buy that cheese though.

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