Vegan pasta in Apricale

I decided the best pasta I had in Italy deserved its own post! Overall, the pasta I had on my trip was outstanding and so much better than anywhere else I’ve ever been, I went on about it in my Liguria post. I was worried researching my trip before I left that Italian pasta wouldn’t be that exciting because all the handmade pasta contains egg and so you are usually stuck with the box stuff. I figured it would be the same as at home, but somehow it was just much, much better. Then we traveled to the ancient village Apricale in the mountains of Liguria and I got to try handmade pasta that happened to have no egg. It was called Luigini which I think means coins. Regardless, it was so delicate and smooth with a buoyant quality. Lightly sauced with fresh Italian tomatoes and zucchini. I could live there and just eat that pasta the rest of my life. Or died happy. Truly swoon-worthy.


The restaurant, pictured below, was called Apricale Da Delio and if you are in the region I recommend taking a trip out there, it was gorgeous and we drove through beautiful little towns on the way.37969601141_b8e4a7cd81_z

Apricale was one of the most beautiful villages I saw in Italy. Perched on a mountaintop it’s like something out of a medieval dream. There were ancient murals everywhere and every house had a uniquely decorated mailbox. There was even a tiny little library! Dogs and cats lazed in the sun and every way you turned was a like a beautiful view.





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