Vegan Fine Dining in Austin Texas

Austin Vegan Fine Dining GuideA few years ago my sister was visiting from Chicago. After a few days she said something like, “can we go somewhere nice to eat? Like, not the nicest place in town…but somewhere nice?”. It’s become a running joke among my friend group because I do tend to patronize trailers, shacks, grocery stores, bars, food counters, and other, shall we say, casual establishments. For anniversaries, date nights, and special occasions it can be fun to put on something nicer than a torn up hoodie. As a vegan especially, I do love having a waiter that can explain every aspect of a dish to me. Some people (hi mom!) just really want a good wine list when they go out. And so, on that note, here are my favorite fancy restaurants in town. Sadly, none of them are entirely vegan but I know that we will get there someday. In the meantime, I think these are the best spots to take your parents, clients, dates, or other people that you want to impress by not sitting at a picnic table with toddlers and dirt waiting for your number to be called.

Claypit Contemporary Indian Cuisine

clay pit pp_7908

image from Clay Pit

I had been to the lunch buffet many times before I went to dinner at the Claypit and was seated in their beautiful candlelit cellar. I think it might be one of the most romantic atmospheres in town. All their vegan items are marked and include the vegetable samosas, the roti (but not the naan),  Aloo Gobi, Veggie Ayam, Kadhu Curry, and more. It’s a great place to share entrees and fall in love…with Indian food.

TRIO Restaurant

I recently did a full on review of TRIO, suffice to say their vegan menu was top-notch and the service was the best I’ve had in Austin. Definitely the place to go if you want to spend some money and drink fine wines.


360 Nueces & W. 3rd Ask for the 5 course vegan meal with pairings at this trendy hotspot.

Sagra Trattoria and Bar CLOSED 

I reviewed Sagra over here, they have an extensive vegan menu including risotto, mac and cashew cheese with truffle oil, and several different pizzas and vegetable appetizers. When we went everything was fantastic but I’ve heard that they aren’t the most consistent and often run out of vegan cheese so make sure you ask questions when ordering. Almost everything on the menu can be gluten-free too. Their happy hour looks like a great deal!

Elizabeth Street Cafe

I don’t know if Elizabeth Street really qualifies as fine dining since it’s more of a French Vietnamese cafe but they do have knowledgeable waiters, a beautiful atmosphere, and a nice cocktail and wine menu so I think it counts. I love the style of this restaurant and the multiple vegan options like tofu spring rolls, two different vegan pho varieties, bún, and bánh xèo (pictured). Elizabeth Street would be the perfect place to go for a fancy brunch since most of the nicer American places are so egg heavy. Here is my review.

Sway Thai

image from Austin Chronicle

I love the food and cocktails at Sway. It’s meant to be shared but I’d only bother with sharing if you are going with all vegans because they do have to make everything special (then it’s super fun!). Australian Thai is thoughtfully presented and deliciously prepared, definitely on the spicy side. Dishes like the green curry eggplant, spring rolls, papaya salad, pad thai, squash curry, and salt and pepper tofu can all be made vegan. The big caveat to Sway, and why it’s not on the top of my list, is that you have to sit at big shared tables which I find very awkward. Not a good place to go on a date at all but perfect if you have a large group.

Uchi and Uchiko

image from Culturemap Uchi on the left Uchiko on the right

For many years these two sister sushi restaurants were at the very top of every single “best of” list because their food is delicious, the presentation is exquisite, the service is exceptional, and the restaurant is very stylish but comfortable. They don’t have a ton of vegan options but what they do have is really good and enough to make a meal. The occasionally do a vegetarian night too! Happy hour is a great time to check it out.


pic from Austin Chronicle

A while back a few friends and I went to Lenoir and had an amazing experience. We called ahead and the chef prepared a special menu for us. If you are ever looking for a wonderful restaurant in a beautiful setting, like a setting you could propose at, Lenoir might be as good as it gets. The presentation of our meal was fabulous and the chef came out and explained every dish. The food was wonderful and I would love to go back. Highly recommended. Read all about it (and see terrible pictures!) here.

Wink Restaurant

image from Austin 360

Wink is a farm to table slow food restaurant that has been around since 2001 and their vegetarian tasting menu is very popular. I’ve heard good things about ordering vegan as well. The chefs will, apparently, make you something quite lovely even if you don’t call ahead. But, calling ahead is always best in a situation like this in my opinion. For whatever reason I still haven’t been there but I would like to try it.

La Condesa Modern Mexican

La Condesa used to be my favorite place to recommend, they had this amazing vegan board that would have four or five different super-exciting and ever-changing “top chef” style entrees. We all went nuts over it. Then they won a James Beard award and didn’t have time for us vegans anymore. Urgh! It is still a somewhat worthwhile option because they have a fun hip atmosphere, amazing margaritas, both salsa and guacamole flights, and a few different options entrees like mushroom tacos and cauliflower steaks. I love their cocktails! I wouldn’t go there for a mind-blowing vegan birthday meal though anymore.

Roots to Leaves Supper Club10409188_782598831830398_4262306173375379241_n

Finally, not a restaurant but a monthly supper club, Roots to Leaves is another great option for those seeking out an all vegan menu and they have plans to open a high-end restaurant in the future. With seasonal menus that have four courses with items like “Japanese Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Butternut Squash and Sage Sauce, Smoked Tofu, Brussels Sprouts, Almond Ricotta” you are definitely going to be filled up with exciting foods. You have to bring your own wine and make reservations well ahead of time but it’s worth it! Here’s a review of their earlier incarnation as Hyden Park.

Do you have any favorites that aren’t on the list? Let us know in the comments!

15 thoughts on “Vegan Fine Dining in Austin Texas

    1. Craig Vanis

      There are still the supper clubs. Five course, prix fixe menus showcasing local produce. Been going on for several years, with continued, seasonal events happening while the trailer looks to build to the full brick and mortar.

  1. Cadry's Kitchen

    What a useful list! I loved all of the food truck options in Austin, but sometimes it’s nice to sit down to order and have someone bring you a wine list. I’ll definitely keep these places in mind for any future travels to Austin.

  2. Disappointed

    Disappointing to see a lot of not vegan establishments (“reassuring” you they are vegan…really? Did you even bother to ask what that option would be? ) while an actual movement to try to create an all vegan fine dining experience (Bistro Vonish) is completely ignored. If you have attended any of their supper clubs, you’d know they’re the best in town. Poor research. Saddened to see a list of “vegan” fine dining without even actually verifying the vegan options. Lists like this are the reason its so hard to get good things off the ground.

    1. lazysmurf Post author

      I don’t know if you read through my post well enough to say that it wasn’t researched, I’ve talked to all of these restaurants, gone to most of them, and talked to people that tried the rest and they all have good reputations. I’m not sure why you would assume they are lying to me about their vegan options? In all of the posts I talk about what they can make that’s vegan although both Wink and Gardner change their menus very often.

      Bistro Vonish is a food trailer and though they may open a fine dining restaurant in the future right now I can’t consider a trailer with paper plates to fit in with my conception of fine dining. That doesn’t mean that they don’t have great food, it just means that they don’t fit in this particular list. I talk about what I consider fine dining in the first paragraph.

  3. Inge

    Carson and Tim over at Mettle Austin has been doing a wonderful job at accommodating vegan options. They teach a plating class at The Natural Epicurean, so they are very familiar and well versed in what exactly constitutes as vegan. Like with most places, if you let them know in advance of your visit, they will knock it out of the ballpark!

    VOX table on S Lamar will also accommodate vegan options. The chef, Joe, does amazing things, and takes good care with the integrity of vegan foods

    1. lazysmurf Post author

      That’s good to know Inge! I tried Mettle’s vegan chicharones but I didn’t know they had anything beyond that! I’ll look into Vox too!

  4. veganinbrighton

    Some of the food in this post look seriously amazing even to my trailer loving, street food eating, ripped tank top wearing self. Next time I’m in town we have to go to Sagra and Elizabeth Street Cafe!

  5. Alex

    I was disappointed to see the Bistro Vonish supper clubs weren’t mentioned in the post; I’m glad to see them get some love in the comments! The trailer is fine food in a casual environment, while the supper clubs are upscale all the way. The clubs compare to fine meals I’ve had in places like NYC, Tokyo, London, and Sydney.

    I haven’t made it to a Lavender Finch event yet, but I’ve heard great things. Elizabeth Street Cafe has been kind of hit or miss for me, after several visits. (It’s a far cry from fine dining, I think.)

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