My favorite local vegan products at Wheatsville co-op

I’m so excited for Vida Vegan Conference this weekend! I stopped at Wheatsville food co-op to show you all some of my favorite local vegan products.

Of course we have tons of local produce from central Texas and if you are in town right now peaches from Fredricksburg are available! We wait for these babies all year.

Next to all the tofu, seitan, and plant meats from far and wide you will find locally made tempeh from the Hearty Vegan in the refrigerator section.

Celeste’s Best Cookie dough is in the fridge too. You can bake it in the oven or even eat it with a spoon since its vegan!

The best hummus I’ve ever had is in the fridge too. Grandma’s hummus should not be missed!

Over in the freezer section they have both of our local vegan ice cream options. Nadamoo is coconut based & it’s creamy and delicious. The mint chocolate chip is my favorite.

Sweet Ritual has different bases depending on the flavors they carry 8 different ones. Cashew is the base for strawberry, vanilla, & Cubano coffee.

Coconut is in the mint chip, Sweetsville, salted caramel, toasted coconut

And the Peanut Butter Chocolate has a peanut butter base. And it’s freaking delicious.

The “Sweetsville” flavor is my favorite though. It’s a vanilla malt with chunks of cookie dough from Celeste’s best!

Both ice cream companies recently started selling ice cream sandwiches too. And both teamed up with local vegan bakeries to do it!!! Sweet Ritual has a bunch of flavors & a cookie made from Capital City Bakery. Wheatsville also carries a gluten free cookie ice cream sandwich made with cookies from Better Bites Bakery. 

Nadamoo has cookies from Skull & Cakebones which also has a bunch of baked goods on sale at Wheatsville too.

These days we have tons of local beers and most of them are vegan. Wheatsville carries a good variety including Austin Beerworks Pearl Snap.

If beer isn’t your brew try Kosmic Kombucha! It is the best kombucha I’ve ever had!

Most days the hot bar has vegan Mac & cheese. I like to pretend it’s healthy since it has broccoli in it.

But wheatsville’s deli is most famous for its popcorn tofu.

I can pretty much guarantee you’ll go nuts over it. I think it’s the nooch batter. You can also get the popcorn tofu at the deli in a po’boy or you can by large quantities in the deli case. Oh and try the buffalo popcorn tofu too, it’s just as good, you might even like it better. There is even a vegan blue cheese sauce to go with it.

Have fun!


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  1. AMJ

    Dip the popcorn tofu in the Grandma’s hummus for the best treat ever. I’ll also use Grandma’s hummus as an alternative to the cashew tamari dressing that they put on the sandwiches due to my daughter having a cashew allergy.

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