Austin Area Freebirds Burritos now carries Tempeh Calabacitas!!!

OK, I know. Some of you are going to be freaked the hell out that I’m writing about burritos and not tacos so I felt like I have to address that right up front. Tacos will always be my true love, those delicious bites on a freshly made tortilla are all about fun and happiness. You eat tacos will enjoying sunshine and margaritas.

There is still a place in my life for burritos though. When you just can’t with life burritos are there to deliver a large amount of food through a tortilla tube directly into your mouth. You don’t even have to turn your head or bother with a plate. They are the ideal food for when you want to marathon Buffy or any other show that takes place in California, where they say the burrito was first invented. Burritos are for comfort and Freebirds has long been my favorite of the chain restaurants to get them. I love that at Freebirds you don’t have to remember any vegan details, if it isn’t overtly non-vegan than it will be fine to eat. I read that in Mexico the burrito is usually just meat and refried beans but in the US we like to put as many different fillings as we can possibly fit in a burrito and that’s why I love Freebirds, they have so many more options than the other burrito chains. Generally I go for refried beans, Spanish rice, verde salsa, jalapenos, pico de gallo, corn salsa, cilantro, tortilla strips, roasted garlic, and, if I’m feeling extravagant, guacamole. Now, for the same price as the veggie burrito you can now order Tempeh Calabicitas! And they are using locally made Hearty Vegan Tempeh in the recipe.

I love tempeh and stuffing it into tacos is something I do on the regular but I wish they just served up a nice marinated grilled tempeh instead of the calabicitas with summer squash and bell peppers because those just aren’t my favorite vegetables. But, I know most of y’all will dig them tremendously because what kind of vegan doesn’t like vegetables (that’s me, I don’t do lettuce either). So get down there and let them know what you think so they can roll out this option beyond just Austin! You can even order online so that your burrito is ready when you get there and then you don’t have to deal with any ordering pressure.


2 thoughts on “Austin Area Freebirds Burritos now carries Tempeh Calabacitas!!!

  1. rabbitfoodgrocery

    I have eaten this many times, it is delicious! Much more exciting than Sofritas in my opinion. And just for future Taco Cleansing reference, you can add Calabacitas to their tacos as well.

    1. lazysmurf Post author

      I thought they were better than the sofritas too which are just kind of boring, I mean good for on the road and I’m glad they have them, but if you are in Austin than there is much better. And I thought about getting the tacos but it just seemed wrong at Freebirds I don’t know why?

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