Veggie Heaven to close Dec 22nd after 16 years serving Austinites

I’m crushed. And seeing the crazy scene at Veggie Heaven today, with only four days to go until the close down, it seemed like a lot of people were trying to get their last fix in. There was a line out the door when we got there and their T-shirts were selling like vegan corn dogs at a circus protest. Even the news was there.

My friend had to park 6 blocks away but I got lucky because someone was leaving. One thing so great about Veggie Heaven is that they have the only free parking on the drag.

Today I got the fried tangerine mushrooms which I adore, they remind me of the Chinese delivery I’d get as a kid in Chicago. 

I had to get a steamed bun too, because this could be the last time I ever eat one in Austin Texas.

Usually I get the tofu and noodle bowl while I read the new Chronicle on Thursdays. It’s $4.60 and, I believe, the cheapest vegan meal in town.

I can even walk there. Or I could. I know it’s not the plant-based-diet people’s favorite place what with their use of gluten, sugar, cornstarch, and questionable fake meat but I will yearn for the food, the incredibly fast service, the ridiculously long menu, the Falun Dafa instructional videos, and knowing that they feed homeless people for free all day long. 

Goodbye Veggie Heaven. I will miss you.


8 thoughts on “Veggie Heaven to close Dec 22nd after 16 years serving Austinites

  1. adeptula

    That’s too bad they’re closing. I’m moving to Austin soon and would surely visit them for those steamed buns.

  2. Anita

    So so sad! I have such affection for the place. We’ve been coming here for over 10 years. We used to out of our way to go there. It sort of formed our vegetarian to vegan transition. I can’t imagine UT without them!

  3. Angela Walley

    Bummer! This place was the first vegan restaurant I visited in Austin! I haven’t been there for a long time, but I would always get the Thunder Tofu and the hubby would get the Protein 2000. Glad you got to visit before they closed!

  4. kittee

    i haven’t been to veggie heaven since i stopped eating gluten, but i can easily say it’s one of my favorite restaurants. ever. i adore their brown rice with split peas in it. big loss.

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