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My favorite part about traveling the west coast, well after the trees, the ocean, the flowers, and abundant avocados, is that there are tons of Asian restaurants seemingly everywhere you go. Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Indian and every cuisine in between are all over the place. Every time I come to Sacramento I get to check out a new place and this time my mom brought me to another Vietnamese themed all vegetarian spot called Noble Vegetarian. They have every kind of vegan meat on the menu so I wanted to try every one! We started with the vegeham paste wontons. My mom was very wary but she ended up loving them as did I. 

We were also very impressed with the vegeprawn spring rolls. I was a bit nervous since I’m allergic to eating the animal shrimp but I’m happy to report that they were indeed vegan and I had no ill effects. God, that would be the worst! 

Next, we tried the Vegebeef Vegetable Medley and it, unfortunately, reminded me of a Beef Vegetable Medley you could get at any shopping mall. No, I take it back, the vegetables had more bite than you’d find at the mall. It just wasn’t anything special. 

Finally the soup came. I had a hard time deciding which one to try, there was a whole page of the menu dedicated to vegan soups and this NEVER happens in Austin. In the end we went with Au-Lac Sweet and Sour because I just couldn’t decide and I saw it had rice paddy herbs.

I was excited when it came out to see that it was completely loaded with vegetables, tofu, more shrimp, pineapple, tomatoes, okra, and who knows what else. It was delicious. I was sad I didn’t have room in my belly for vegan flan. That’s twice now on this trip I’ve been too full to try it. URGH!

And that ends 2014 VeganMofo for me, I am super proud of myself for pulling it together after my dismal start. There is plenty more to come.


5 thoughts on “Sacramento – Noble Vegetarian

  1. Kate

    Omg, those vegeham paste wontons look SO GOOD. I was hoping to put off lunch until after i’d finished painting, but this post has totally ruined my resolve! Need. Food. Now. (Preferably those wontons, but I suppose leftover lasagna will have to do. *sigh*)

  2. East Meets West Veg

    I’m so glad you didn’t have any ill effects from the faux shrimp! It looks kind of too real in the photo! I don’t know if I could bring myself to eat it! Doesn’t it stink when you don’t have room for dessert?

  3. Abby Bean

    Bravo! It seems so quick when you’re not participating, yet when you are it is endless! This is so much mock meat for one post. The shrimp still freak me out. And so too should people be freaked out by real shrimp! end rant.

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