Rabbit Food Grocery is moving to a Brick & Mortar with your help!

Sometimes when you talk about veganism people call you an elitist and say that a vegan diet is too expensive.

Mostly, it’s cause people are dicks and they have to give you a hard time about something.

But, beyond that, I never understood this argument since the vegan meal is  almost always the cheapest entrée  on the menu, especially if you have to make your dinner from the sides portion.  Maybe people think that because guacamole is usually extra?

Anyway, for years I’ve wondered about this idea of veganism being more expensive and I think now I finally get it. The reason that you spend more when you are vegan isn’t because you are buying more expensive food, it’s because you find all sorts of great people and causes to donate too. People don’t want you to know that vegans are actually awesome and they are always doing cool shit like saving elephants, planting trees, and in this case, building an all vegan grocery store.

I’ve been hearing Jessica talk about her dream to open a vegan grocery store since before I even knew her IRL. This is something she and Gabe have been working on for a million years. They have been so successful with their online shop and pop-up shops (blogged about here) because they have got their shit together. They are the kind of brilliant vegans who are always working towards the cause to save animals. When I saw a pet bunny being carried down the road in my neighborhood by a dog it was Jessica and Gabe that I called to help me with it. And of course, not only did they help me save that bunny but they ended up adopting it. I trust these people with my vitamins, my dog food, and I know that I never have to order some special new vegan product because Rabbit Food will be the first to have it in stock.

I am so excited that that they are finally getting to open the store. Reading that in addition to groceries they will have a vegan coffee bar with bagels and homemade cream cheese, breakfast tacos, and a community event space is making my heart pitter-patter with enthusiasm.

So today I am asking you to check out the Rabbit Food Grocery Kickstarter and donate if you can. They have tons of cool prizes for out of town people too and think about how exciting it will be to shop here! No label reading! Lot’s of cookies! It’s going to be the best!


8 thoughts on “Rabbit Food Grocery is moving to a Brick & Mortar with your help!

  1. mollyjade

    I keep obsessively checking their kickstarter page. But probably not as often as they are! I’m so ready to shop at their store and eat all their food.

  2. rabbitfoodgrocery

    YOU ARE THE BEST! At Rabbit Food Grocery, we will have a quarterly Taco Cleanse™ where our customers can channel the vibrations and elevate to a higher state of taconess.

  3. East Meets West Veg

    Haha! You do find a lot of causes to donate to when you become vegan! In that way, it could totally be more expensive! I’m so glad you guys were able to save that rabbit! True friends! Thanks for sharing this. Best of luck to them!

  4. Becky

    I think I need to keep a slip of paper in my pocket at all times that says, “Mostly, it’s cause people are dicks and they have to give you a hard time about something.” Just for reference, when the eleventyth person tells me that vegan baked goods don’t taste as good as ones from Publix. Or some other super informed observation along those lines.

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