Taco or Beer Challenge

taco or beer challenge

If there is one thing I can promise to always stand for it’s that I am pro-choice ’til I die.

If there is one thing I am always hungry for, it’s tacos. Last veganmofo I even did an all out Taco Cleanse.

I am thrilled that these two defining passions of mine are finally coming together in the Taco Or Beer Challenge. I think the whole idea might have started as a satire of the ice bucket challenge, you do something, tell everyone that you did it, and then donate to a cause. Why waste a bunch of water and pour ice on your head when you could instead eat a delicious taco or drink a refreshing beer (or both!) and then donate to fund abortion? It makes a lot more sense to me! I made these awesome breakfast tacos which had refried beans, avocado, salsa verde, green chile peanuts and homeade queso fresco. Then I donated to the Whole Woman’s Texas Action Fund. It breaks my heart that our lovely feminist abortion provider Whole Woman’s Health had to close their doors in Austin because of disgusting Republican political shenanigans.

Please take the challenge, here is a great site that can shows different ways you can fund abortion. If you are in Austin I also have a list of my favorite tacos. And if you do, you can nominate someone to take the  I am nominating my pal Jojo the Vegan in Brighton because she is awesome and visiting Austin right now so I know she has easy access to tacos!!!



13 thoughts on “Taco or Beer Challenge

  1. foodchain

    This is pretty fantastic. I like the way you think. I’m also passionate about tacos, beer, and satirical takes on the whole ice bucket thing (I mean, c’mon, the money goes toward animal testing! not that I’m not preaching to the choir here). I plan to take the taco-or-beer challenge on Saturday, when I’ll have both tacos *and* beer. Yes!!!!

  2. Imogen Michel

    What a brilliant idea! Thanks for telling me about it. I already give a monthly donation to the Edinburgh Women’s Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre (who are a brilliant and underfunded organisation) but I’ll be looking out for a good pro-choice organisation in Edinburgh to donate to while I munch on a taco sometime this month. Given my theme for Vegan MoFo, it might even be a vegan haggis taco! How exciting would that be?

  3. MeShell

    I love this idea so much. I also love beer and tacos. And I’m equally pro-choice till I die. Go you.

    I think I’ll find a pro choice organization in the USA to support when I participate, because I feel like Toronto is relatively well served in that respect.

    I find it so frustrating to watch people’s rights be taken away.

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