Who robs an animal sanctuary!?! Help the Austin Zoo!

I read this morning on Hipstercrite that the Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary was robbed! I know vegans are opposed to most zoos, with good reason, but this one is a non-profit sanctuary that “assists animals in need through rescue, rehabilitation and education”. Some of the animals are sick and can’t live in the wild. Others were abused and rescued by the Austin Zoo. According to the official site:

On the night of July 3-4, a burglary resulted in excess of $25,000 dollars in losses to the Zoo. Burglars caused extensive damage to Zoo facilities and installations, and made off with office electronics, cash, and equipment used to monitor and care for its animals. Please help the zoo recover from this tragic event by making a donation today and sharing this site with your friends and colleagues. Thank you to Lyra Kalish Swinney, a member of The Junior League of Austin, for generously creating this “Go Fund Me” page.

I can’t even imagine what kind of people would do this but it breaks my heart. So please donate if you can, and share this info with your social networks. Otherwise I’m going to lose all faith in humanity.

Babe, a former 4H project and survivor of the slaughterhouse who now gets to live another day at the Austin Zoo. Photo used with permission from Hipstercrite.

And check out Lauren’s post of her recent trip to the zoo for more animal pics!


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