CLOSED Austin Java Tarrytown Redux + a GIVEAWAY!!!

UPDATE 2-10-2014 Austin Java Tarrytown suddenly shut it’s doors forever over the weekend. The word is that the veg options are going to move to the Barton Springs locations.

Almost exactly a year ago a new all vegetarian Austin Java opened up in Tarrytown. We went and, like the other Austin Javas I’ve been to, the food was pretty disappointing. There was a lot of confusion about what was vegan and what wasn’t and it seemed like no one really had any idea about how to make delicious vegan food. Folks from the neighborhood were really disappointed and the reviews were kind of depressing since everyone was blaming the bad food on the fact that it was vegetarian. I still held out hope that things would change and sure enough a new manager was brought in, Maddy, who seems to be doing everything right. First she consulted with local vegans, the ladies behind our local tempeh company the Hearty Vegans, to help her out. And help they did! The menu is definitely pared down and, if I’ve learned anything from watching Kitchen Nightmares, it’s that that is a good thing! There is a lot more focus on making things in house from whole foods rather than store bought substitutions. A group of us were invited to try out the new menu on the house and if they can recreate our meal for their paying customers I think that it is going to be very successful with both vegans and omnivores. In fact, Maddy said since developing the menu she learned to love vegan food so much that she’s now eating that way most of the time!

We started with some agave & lime marinated cucumber tapas that were topped with avocado and pico de gallo. This is something I would never normally order but I really enjoyed it. The marinade took the edge of the cucumber and I could see this being a great app in the summer when it’s 5,000 degrees. I enjoyed them with a glass of delicious chardonnay, I never would have thought of Austin Java as a place for wine and I’m glad I tried it since they often have happy hour specials.

Next we were brought a couple of samples of pasta. The pasta primevera is something that I get from time to time at the Austin Java on 12th because it’s one of the few vegan meals they have and I am always super disappointed with the mushy noodles, oily overcooked vegetables, and bitter taste. The pomodoro at the Tarrytown location was totally the opposite of that. I think the other locations would be blown away by the difference that an al dente noodle, a well cooked vegetables, and a light sauce makes. Also viva la vegan parmesan a fresh basil.

We also tried the jalapeno mac & cheese which has avocado and pureed peanuts as it’s base. I loved this dish, in fact, I’ve been trying to make my own version of avocado mac over the years and it never worked out nearly this well. Not everyone at the table was sold on the peanut butter but I didn’t really notice it, I thought it was delicious and creamy and I’d order it the next time I go back for lunch. I loved the basil and the corn. I’ll be curious to see what other people think.

Next we were brought some sandwiches. The curried tempeh wrap was my favorite. It was kind of sweet with pecans and maybe even dried fruit but on a thick salty pita. I thought it worked really well, and again, I hope this sandwich comes to 12th street because I could easily eat it a few times a week.

We also sampled the southwest veggie burgers that are made in house and also gluten free. We tried them on a GF bun that’s made locally by  Misty Morning Bakery which I think is popular with the GF-vegan community. The burger stayed true to it’s veggie roots and wasn’t trying to be a meat replacement so I think it will be popular with the non-vegans too.

I think next came the black bean chili which was very similar to a chili I used to sell on the lot a million years ago. It was a little sweet and had pops of corn. I really liked it, a nice wholesome dish. They should enter the Lonestar Veggie Chili Cook-off next year.

Next came the tempeh “street taco”. Since we were just getting samples ours were on fried tortillas and I should have asked if that’s how they will always be. I liked it, it reminded me of homemade nachos. The tempeh ground beef was delicious and I think we all really enjoyed the filling. In fact, I do believe it was Nanette’s favorite dish.

Finally we were brought pancakes and I didn’t even take a picture since I was so full at this point that I could barely manage and also you all probably know what a pancake looks like. These were damn near perfect. The batter was agave and banana sweetened and topped with a cinnamon butter and maple syrup. We all loved them. Molly said they were the best in town and I already want to get them again.

She sent us home with cupcakes and cookies and, honestly, we thought the chocolate chip cookie was one of the best in town. I’d put it right up there with Celeste’s Best & The Big John from Whole Foods.

I’m so happy with the new menu and so glad that Maddy reached out the Hearty Vegan and that they were so helpful. It’s nice to have well prepared tempeh on a menu because tempeh is really unique and delicious and you can’t get it many places in town. They even have a tempeh scramble that you can sub in the migas. Nearly everything on the menu can be veganized and there were a lot of GF options. They haven’t printed out new versions of the menu yet so be sure to ask for vegan things when you go (like the pancake). And of course, let them know what you think. I think really one of the best things for veganism is to have great vegan food all over the place and I’m happy to add Austin Java Tarrytown to the list and I hope it all goes really well for them.

This contest has closed, due to unforeseen circumstances Austin Java won’t be able to honor the winner for a while.


Generously, they have offered a free meal to two lucky readers! If you would like to win please comment below. Let me know what you are most excited about trying on the new menu. Make sure you comment with an email that you check so I can notify you if you are the winner.


23 thoughts on “CLOSED Austin Java Tarrytown Redux + a GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. Rob Little

    I’m glad to see they changed things up. I went shortly after they opened and right before my jaw surgery, and it was kind of disappointing to have their previous fare be the last solid food I ate for a few months.

  2. Michael

    Can’t wait to try the jalapeño mac! Have yet to find a mac & cheese that rivals Homegrown Smoker in Portland.

  3. Keri

    I look forward to checking out the veggie/gluten free options! It can be hard to find menus that are both.

  4. fight4yourlife

    I want it ALL!!! If I have to choose, though, I need that jalapeno mac in my belly! I definitely happened upon Austin Java “before” and was disappointed with the bland pasta dish and tasteless dessert I had, but WOW – this stuff looks a-mah-zing. I gotta have it!

    1. Maddy Bell

      Hi Tracy,

      My name is Maddy, the gal in charge of the new menu at Java Tarrytown. Just wanted to clarify that the base of the mac and cheese isn’t peanut butter, it’s puréed peanuts and avocado mixed with nutritional yeast and other seasonings. The avocado and peanuts provide the creamy, savory taste for the Mac and cheese but is a subtle taste. Stop by and try!

  5. Helen

    This all looks so good! I would definitely go for the curried tempeh wrap, I love hearty dishes that are also slightly sweet!

  6. Pete

    Glad that they’re getting their act together. I was with Rob on that night after they first opened, and it was definitely disappointing.

  7. Misty Morning Bakery

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    Misty Morning onion buns are mentioned in this review of Austin Java Tarrytown, featured here with the vegan house black bean burger.

    Help establish MMB’s account with Austin Java by going in and requesting an onion bun with your next sandwich.

  8. Roggie Baer

    I was there last week and I agree with Nanette on the Street Tacos, I love the Veg/ GF burger BUT I now want to try the pancakes after your description!

  9. Lorena Blaylock

    I can’t wait to try the pancakes! As I am always on the lookout for vegan pancakes and have been craving them like crazy lately!

  10. Laura Nicole Dávila

    Austin Java is stepping up with vegan options? Finally! I enjoyed the coffee spot when I was vegetarian, but as a vegan found my options too slim to return too frequently. This is a great surprise!

  11. Sarah Budd

    I’ve never been here before, I thought I had tried all the vegan option places in town but I guess not! Im excited to try this place!!!

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