GIVEAWAY- Try Mr. Natural’s new Brunch menu for free!

Mr. Natural contacted me the other day to help get the word out about their new menu items. I’ve always been a fan of Mr. Natural and I love Mexican Breakfast so I was happy to help, especially when they said they would throw in two free brunches for y’all! The menu for this Sunday at the Caesar Chavez location is all vegan and it looks super friendly for gluten free folks as well. I already love their tofu migas but they will also have tofu scramble, rice with their fantastic refried beans, a variety of salads and, oh yeah, vegan fried chicken and waffles!

photo by Mr. Natural

fried chicken and waffles photo by Mr. Natural

They’ll also have a tamale casserole, toasted cauliflower curried quinoa with tofu , tofu and veggie quiche, spinach and daiya cheese filled puffs, and traditional biscuits and gravy!

photo by Mr. Natural

biscuits and gravy photo by Mr. Natural

You can finish it off with desserts like gluten free cheesecake bites,
marble chocolate bread, kombucha mimosas or even a vegan bloody mary.

photo by Mr. Natural

bloody mary photo by Mr. Natural

They have also added a lot of American style food to the regular menu like cheeseburgers, deluxe hot dogs, and chili cheese fries.

chili cheese fries

chili cheese fries photo by Mr. Natural

Since it is a vegetarian place make sure that you specify vegan when ordering off the regular menu and they will take care of you. Since this weekend is their first vegan brunch buffet they’d also love your feedback, if you feel weird about it, you can let me know on this post what you liked and I’ll get back with them.

TO WIN A FREE BRUNCH just comment below, you can tell me what your favorite thing is to eat for brunch, or what you are most excited about at Mr. Natural. Make sure you leave your name and a real email in the form so I can let you know if you won!

The giveaway is now closed (Congrats Lorena & Cady!) but stay tuned, there will be another one soon!


55 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY- Try Mr. Natural’s new Brunch menu for free!

  1. Melissa Skorpil

    Since moving to the South (is Austin considered the South?) seven years ago, I’ve wanted to try chicken and waffles, but have never seen a vegetarian variety. I’d love to check out Mr. Natural’s new menu, and maybe snap some food photos while I’m at it! 🙂

  2. Tracy Habenicht

    Hi, Lazy Smurf! Thanks for telling us about this. I’m a sucker for biscuits and gravy, and while I rarely drink, that bloody Mary looks good! 🙂

  3. Lorena

    My husband and I are new vegetarians currently finding new places to eat! Admittedly, I was underwhelmed by Mr. Natural when I ate there several years ago but this new menu sounds fantastic.

  4. Mia Moore

    I’ve been wanting to go to Mr. Natural forever now and haven’t had the chance to! I never had chicken and waffles pre-vegan, but the Mr. Natural version sounds AMAZING. I’m sure my omni partner would dig the biscuits and gravy too.

  5. Alan Dellinger

    Hello! I am super excited to try the vegan waffles at Mr Natural as I haven’t seen those anywhere else in Austin. The biscuits and gravy sound enticing too!

  6. Molly Jones

    Mr. Natural is one of our favorite places to eat. I would love to try the chicken and waffles and my husband never turns down a Bloody Mary!

  7. Allie

    I’ve been vegan for about 4.5 years now, but brunch was the very hardest thing for me to give up back then. Thrilled that there are so many exciting vegan brunch options in town now! Can’t wait to try Mr. Natural’s new menu!

  8. Allie

    oops, forgot to say my favorite vegan brunch item is tofu scramble, but I am very excited to try the quiche and the migas!!!

  9. Cheryl Blaisdell

    I really like tofu scramble sandwiches for brunch- complete with vegan cheese and bacon! I’m really excited about trying the brunch at Mr Natural!

  10. jodazzle

    Chicken and waffles!? I never knew this was a thing until moving here, but I’m super excited to try it out! Also, one can never go wrong with biscuits and gravy 🙂 Excited!

  11. Priya

    Love two breakfast items : Tofu scramble with avacado on toast, Indian rice pancakes!
    Mr. Natural – Their cake selection.. Oh MY GOODNESS

  12. Jennifer

    Waffles?! I LOVE WAFFLES! And it’s literally impossible to find a vegan waffle on a brunch menu!

  13. Katie

    My favorite thing for brunch is anything from Isa’s Brunch cookbook (ESPECIALLY the waffles!) I’m excited to try anything at Mr. Natural because I’ve never been there. I also don’t think I’d have anyone to go with me, so I’d share one ticket with any other lone vegan out there!

  14. Kristy Lorfing

    What am I most excited about? Is Everything acceptable answer?I plan on trying in all! Now if your talking standard “order of operations” by which I plan I devouring things, Bloody Mary flowed by biscuits n gravy then whatever is on my husbands plate ; )

  15. Ethan

    I want to try their biscuits and gravy to compare to other vegan versions I’ve had. I also have a craving for some french fries for some reason.

  16. Stacey Bryant

    So excited for an all vegan brunch!! I don’t know if I am more excited for tofu migas or the vegan fried chicken and waffles. Guess I’ll have to try both. Cant wait 🙂

  17. Alicia

    I used to live next to the Roscoe’s Chicken n’ Waffles in Long Beach. When I moved to Hollywood, my new apartment was next the Hollywood location. I was always bumme out that I couldn’t eat what those huge lines of people were enjoying, so I’m super stoked to finally try chicken and waffles!

  18. Jena

    I am most excited about trying the biscuits and gravy & the waffles. I have been veggie since 1987 and still have fond childhood memories of growing up having my dad’s waffles Sunday morning and my auntie’s southern style biscuits and gravy. Any time I get the chance to have a veganized version I am geeked! Thanks Mr Natural!

    Bonus points- If you ever want to try and add a breakfast bowl ‘Chicago Diner’ style, I’ll be your biggest fan 🙂

  19. Karen

    I have been vegan for 3 1/2 years but have not yet made it over to Mr. Natural. I am really looking forward to trying vegan fried chicken and waffles. I have never even had the omnivore version. I haven’t had tamale pie or quiche for ages. Hmmm. Biscuits and gravy, too. Can’t wait!

  20. Mark D.

    Chicken and waffles. I guess I haven’t been in a while because I didn’t even realize they had that.

  21. Greg

    Everything looks delicious, but I’d drive across town just for the biscuits and gravy! This Papa Smurf is too lazy to make his own. Especially on a weekend. 😉

  22. Marty Rynearson

    Without a doubt the Vegan Migas. Far and away the best not only in Austin but the country. It’s a must every Austin trip for me. But I’m excited to try the Vegan Bloody Mary!

  23. theoghartiens

    LOVE Mr. Natural – very excited to hear of more vegan options on the menu. My fav is their chapulas with the ranchero sauce (minus cheese). Seriously, my favorite Mexican food spot in Austin.

  24. aneelee

    nothing beats mexican brunch – migas, beans, papas. i’m stoked that they’re opening on sunday mornings for this! chilaquiles would make it absolutely complete.

  25. dangillotte

    Holy crap! Did you say vegan chicken and waffles?!? Having moved to Texas after becoming vegan, I’ve never partaken of this particular southern tradition. But man do I want to!!!

  26. Catarina Sigerfoos

    I am a natural for Mr Natural! I have been eating their delicious food since they had all day burgers for one price at the Cesar Chavez Cafe location. This is way pre-S Lamar.

  27. Beyond Meat

    We’re not trying to win anything here, but we heard someone say Vegan chicken & waffles and came runnin! Good luck to everyone who entered and congrats to the lucky winner!

    PS – Stephanie, do you happen to know what they use for the Vegan Chicken?

  28. Anna parris

    My favorite thing to eat for brunch is everything! If I have to pick one, it’d probably be a vegan breakfast sandwich with tempeh bacun, tofu egg, and cheeze with pancakes as the top and bottom of course:)

  29. Cristen

    Woohoo. I’m thrilled about this news! I’m pretty excited about everything on the brunch menu. The tamale casserole sounds great, as do the biscuits and gravy, daiya cheese puffs, tofu migas, and of course the vegan fried chicken and waffles (something I’ve never had the chance to try before). I’m gonna try everything and wash it down with a vegan bloody mary. Yum – Can’t wait!

    I went to a talk that the owner of Mr. Natural gave at the Cesar Chavez store years ago. She mentioned that the business started by delivering tamales to friends and neighbors. So cool to see how far they’ve come! I always send people here when they’re looking for good vegan mexican food, vegan tex/mex food, agua frescas, vegan pastries (especially the tres leches cake). And now brunch too? So thrilled to be in Austin for this. 🙂

  30. miguel

    Just saw this and got excited
    It looks like a brunch you would really want to go to and chill on a Sunday
    Especially love the lunch element to it, seems like a good combo
    Worthy of the name Brunch
    Bloodymarys all around

  31. Sarah Budd

    I just saw this and Im so excited!! I go to this location at least once a week if not more! I have been trying something new most times but my favorite breakfast food is the migas! They are so delicious. For dessert…I have really tough decisions to make but I really love the vegan chocolate mint cupcake! Mmmm good!

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  33. Sarah

    I think I’m most excited about the cheesecake bites! Oh, and the “chicken” and waffles, too!! 😀 😀 😀

  34. Lorena Blaylock

    I can’t wait to try Mr. naturals brunch! Especially the chikn and waffles because I have never tried that combo in my life!! I am coming off a 5 day juice cleanse and can’t wait to eat all the good stuff all weekend long lol! 😀

  35. Ellen Ray

    I am very intrigued by the tamale casserole! Breakfast casseroles are something I miss as a vegan. Thanks for getting the word out!

  36. Cindy Lunsford

    Can’t wait for some biscuits and gravy and chicken and waffles! It all sounds delicious!

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  38. Helen

    This all looks so good! I would definitely go for the curried tempeh wrap, I love hearty dishes that are also slightly sweet!

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