The Austin Vegan Riot to celebrate Austin’s Most Vegan Friendly Trailer Yard


Last week the little trailer park next to Capital City Bakery closed up (probably to make way for condos) and Unity Vegan Kitchen, one of my favorite new spots in Austin, moved to North Loop to join forces with BBQ Revolution, Red Rabbit Bakery, and Taco ‘Bout It to form the most vegan friendly trailer park around at Northloop House & Yard. The only trailer that’s not vegan is the Taco Truck and even they have some vegan options so it’s, like, the opposite of all the other trailer parks in town. To celebrate they are going to have party down. Here are the details from the press release:

We are proud to announce the arrival of Austin’s first all vegan-friendly trailer space at the NorthLoop House and Yard, a trailer space and micro-business haus at 701 E. 53rd St in Austin’s NorthLoop neighborhood. To celebrate this momentous occasion the creative minds behind the NLHY are excited to kick off Austin Vegan Riot, a twice monthly party showcasing the unique offerings of this most-Austin locale. Currently at the NorthLoop trailer yard you’ll find Red Rabbit Co-operative Bakery, BBQ Revolution, Vegan Unity, and Taco ‘Bout It. Red Rabbit serves award winning donuts and other sweet things, produced by their worker owned co-op to organic standards. BBQ Revolution is the country’s only all vegan BBQ joint, creating a truly distinct take on Central Texas fare. Vegan Unity offers locally sourced favorites made from scratch. And Taco ‘Bout It brings tastes from south of the border serving several vegan and traditional options. With Austin recently named as PETA’s top vegan-friendly city it only makes sense that a trailer space would come about as the city’s first vegan-friendly destination. Be sure to stop by every 2nd and last Thursday for the Austin Vegan Riot, starting Thursday January 30th, 6-9pm at the NorthLoop House & Yard, 701 E. 53rd St, Austin, TX 78751.

Lasagna with cashew cream, vegan barbecue, and amazing doughnuts can all be had at once! And then you can dance it all off. In a Riot-like fashion. It’ll be great.


9 thoughts on “The Austin Vegan Riot to celebrate Austin’s Most Vegan Friendly Trailer Yard

  1. Mark

    Having Unity there turned out very useful when BBQ Revolution was closed (the second time in a row that’s happened to me!). I need to remember to check their facebook page instead of the google result that shows their hours.

    1. lazysmurf Post author

      Facebook is always the best if you are driving across town imo! Some trailers are always open when they say they will be (like Wasota) but most of them tend to run out of food or close unexpectedly since just a couple people work there and it’s a lot to manage. The good thing is that all the vegan trailers seem pretty good about using social media.

  2. pamela

    Yay, Yay, YAY!!!! I have been mourning the loss of Vegan Nom as my usual lunch spot…so happy to have some other options so close to work now! But please, Vegan Nom, please come back!

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