Sweet Ritual Ice Cream now available at Wheatsville!

I’ve been looking at this picture while listening to Explosions in the Sky and it seems rather apropos. Austin really makes magic happen sometimes.

Since the new Wheatsville south opened I’ve been going there, on average, once a day because not only do I love Wheatsville, but also it’s right on my path to just about anywhere in town. It is just damn convenient to pick up either groceries for dinner or bagels for breakfast or whatever else my heart desires.

And what my heart often desires is ice cream. I’ve gone through phases with almost every vegan brand but they almost always have the same standard flavors more or less: chocolate, mint, vanilla, whatever. As an ice cream lover it can get pretty boring. Meanwhile I follow Sweet Ritual on instagram and see their unique and ever changing flavors and then I think about driving all the way up to Hyde Park. I thought I was having a constant battle between my laziness, lack of superfluous income, and knowledge that ice cream is probably not something my body really needs at it’s current state.

And now I realize that, really, laziness was the only thing getting in the way of Sweet Ritual and me. As soon as I saw they started carrying the new pints at Wheatsville south yesterday I headed there as soon as I left my office. It’s true that I was especially excited to try the new flavor “Sweetsville Malt Cookie Dough” made with a new flavor of Celeste’s Best but when I saw the other flavors I had a hard time deciding (toasted coconut! ).  I had to try the special flavor. I could hardly wait to get home and unite the container with my friend the spoon. The whole household was in love (well we didn’t let crazy Willow try it, she does not need sugar) but everyone else expressed happiness in their own unique ways, me closing my eyes, Dan going to the store to get more ice cream, Dinger grunting in appreciation for his bite for ten minutes.

It’s good stuff.

It will be available at the Guadalupe Wheatsville soon and you can also get pints at the Flag Store by Sweet Ritual and the Juiceland in Oak Hill.



2 thoughts on “Sweet Ritual Ice Cream now available at Wheatsville!

  1. Madeleine Bell

    My name is Maddy and I am the General Manager of Austin Java Tarrytown. I read your early review of our restaurant and wanted to see if you would be interested in coming in for a tasting of our new menu. We are the only vegan/vegetarian location and I recently designed a new menu for our store. I spent a lot of time working with the folks at The Hearty Vegan (the suppliers of our tempeh), learning about vegan cuisine. It’s been a wonderful experience for me personally, and I have come to find that so many vegan and vegetarian food options out there aren’t healthy! For this reason I really tried to design a menu that uses fresh and flavorful ingredients and stay clear of processed ingredients. We make all of our patties in house and just about anything on our menu can be made vegan. I was hoping that you might want to come in for a tasting to try our new menu and look at how we do things over here. You are welcome to bring a few friends as well. Let me know what works for you!

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