Texas State Senator Kirk Watson wins Humane State Legislator award

Kirk Watson

I became a committed fan of Kirk Watson watching him fight so hard for Women’s Rights during the recent conservative attacks on Women’s healthcare. Reading the news just now (and obvs seeing the pic) and learning that he was also recognized by the Humane Society for fighting for animal rights warmed my heart. I am so proud to have him for my state senator. Mr. Watson won the award for sponsoring, and then getting bill SB 360 passed. It outlaws horrific gas chambers of carbon monoxide as a way to euthanize shelter animals.

I’m happy for him and all the animals that won’t have to suffer in this way. And I’m even happy for me because reading the news can be so depressing that I just want to ignore it, but then I would miss the good things like this too. And I’m happy that puppies remain adorable and that I get to take my dogs to a birthday party tonight for Sid the Regal Beagle.


1 thought on “Texas State Senator Kirk Watson wins Humane State Legislator award

  1. Kate Allan

    That warms my heart too! You are so right about the news…over here in Australia our new PM has just apologised to the Indonesian government for the previous government halting live export (after their cruel abattoir practices were exposed).So depressing, but this makes me think that there are politicians who do the right thing, we just have to find and support them!

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