Taco Cleanse Day 30 – Taco Cleanse Closing Ceremony

This has been such a great month, eating tacos every day, doing experiments with the taco scientists, working on the Taco Cleanse Zine, and doing taco related events, I’m sad it’s almost over. Yesterday we had a closing party at the Vegan Nom. It was raining so I think the turnout suffered a bit since no one wanted to leave the house but we still had enough people that they sold out in less than an hour!

The Vegan Nom made a special taco, smoked seitan with jalapeno mac and cheese, bbq sauce, and chipotle sauce. It was my favorite taco of the cleanse. Maybe ever. After I ate mine I even got more money out of the atm so I could bring one home for Dan cause I didn’t want him to miss them! I couldn’t stop thinking about them.

Kristen of Capital City Bakery made little taco cleanse Mexican Chocolate cupcakes.

And we Jessica and Wes put the zines together and we had them for sale, they are so awesome!!! If you have had fun reading about the cleanse you should get one, it’s funny and there are tons of recipes and games and charts. If you would like a copy you can buy one and also Veganmofo will be giving one away today!

All the FUGEO cleansers got certificates and I don’t know where I’m going to put mine, in the kitchen? Or maybe I should bring it to the office. If only I hadn’t lost my college degree I could put in next to that.

I still have a lot of tacos backlogged so I think my veganmofo blogging is going to continue into the next month! That’s a first!

Happy Veganmofo!


7 thoughts on “Taco Cleanse Day 30 – Taco Cleanse Closing Ceremony

  1. dropscone

    Obviously those tacos look amazing but my heart has been totally stolen by the cupcake! Such a cute topper, and the frosting looks so rich and delicious.

  2. Imogen Michel

    That taco cupcake looks amazing! Glad it’s been a good month 🙂

    Please do let us know if you’ll be doing any international shipping for your Taco Cleanse Zine, it looks fantastic!

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