Taco Cleanse Day 27 – Maria’s Taco Xpress

Yesterday I stopped in at one of my former constant hangout’s Maria’s Taco Xpress. I used to live down the block so we would go there all the time. It’s crazy how much it’s changed in the last few years. It used to be a little shack with some tables in the back on the dirt and a trailer park behind it. Then Walgreens bought the land and, I think because of the neighborhood outrage, they let the Taco Xpress rebuild and rebuild it they did. The new location is so much bigger, and then they expanded the patio! Then they expanded it more. Then they added a second story! The trailer park gave way to super modern condos and the whole area looks completely different. The tacos however remain exactly the same.

The thing I really love about Maria’s tacos is the range of salsas and topping that they carry. You can dress your taco with pico, red salsa, green salsa, cilantro, onions, and maybe some other things too. If you go, pay extra for the guacamole, it’s always perfect. The atmosphere is always fun but especially Sunday brunch when Hippie Church is going on and there is live gospel music and dancing. 100% south Austin charm, even if it is in the middle of what seems like thousands of condos being constructed on South Lamar.

Last night the Taco Scientists worked into the night putting together the zine. If you want a hard copy go pre-order on Rabbit Food, we are just going to do a limited run. You can also get them at the Taco Cleanse Closing Party this Sunday!


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