Taco Cleanse Day 17 – The Pad Thai-co

Pad Thai is one if my go-to comfort foods and there is a great little place down the corner from me called Tuk Tuk that’s hard to resist. It’s the most untraditional taco I’ve eaten yet and maybe the easiest since I just piled on the takeout noodles, cabbage, and topped with some peanuts like and sriracha into a flour tortilla.

It also made me realize that one typical sized pad thai serving would feed about 6 people in taco form.

Tacos save lives!


11 thoughts on “Taco Cleanse Day 17 – The Pad Thai-co

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  3. Luciana

    I was thinking about your taco cleanse today, but I have the ingredients for pad thai at home, so I typed in “pad thai taco,” and this was the first search result. Why aren’t I eating a taco right now?!

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