Taco Cleanse Day 12 – Sweet Ritual’s Amazing Wonder: The Chaco Taco

When we first started talking about the taco cleanse back in April I never would have guessed that it would have led to so much new taco goodness. At that time in my life I already ate a taco pretty much every day so I didn’t realize that there would be so much more to discover when committing to the cleanse. So many people have been joining the cleanse and local restaurants have been adding new and unique tacos to their menus just to help us through this! I got to try Teriyaki soy curl tacos at Counter Culture’s Taco Tuesday a couple of days ago and then a The Ginger Bliss special at the Vegan Nom last night. There is so much creativity coming out with tacos in Austin. But I have to admit, so far my favorite new taco on the scene is the Chaco Taco that Amelia from Sweet Ritual has put together for us.

I’ve been dying to try it ever since Ross posted his last week. Then they were suddenly all over social media. Last night I was up north with my fellow taco scientists and after eating Rockin Vegan Tacos for dinner we headed over to Sweet Ritual for the chaco taco dessert. When we got there they only had one left and everyone graciously stepped back and let me have it. The taco cleanse is really working, we are feeling so much more love for humanity and tacos than ever before.

I had cinnamon ice cream in my waffle cone taco shell topped with one the many long lost loves of my life, the hard chocolate magic shell. I was dead quiet while I ate it and went into a state of taco bliss that I can’t even describe.

And yes Austin, they have more today and will have them all weekend.


11 thoughts on “Taco Cleanse Day 12 – Sweet Ritual’s Amazing Wonder: The Chaco Taco

  1. Dawn

    Funny. I was thinking of trying to make a homemade choco taco. I don’t know yet whether it will happen this month, but it *will* happen. Or I could just go to Austin.

  2. Mandee

    Wow! I really love that local places are getting in on the taco cleanse action!

    Also, I just emailed you re. mushies and Viva Vegan! recipes 😀

  3. Amey

    First of all, your whole taco cleanse is seriously one of the best things ever. Second of all, I can’t believe that local eateries are creating new vegan tacos for the taco cleanse community/effort!! Third of all, I thought I would die when I saw that Chaco Taco. I want it so damn bad.

  4. vegtasticvoyage

    I so want to feel pure, positive happiness for you and your choco taco, but it’s swirled with jealousy and frustration that I can’t have one. HOW DOES PORTLAND NOT HAVE ITS OWN VEGAN ICE CREAM JOINT? See? Did not mean for that to come out. Apologies, madam. Enjoy your beautiful city and your fantastic vegan ice cream creations and your neverending supply of fucking amazing guacamole and breakfast tacos.

    Seriously, it gives me something to look forward to, the next time I’m in town.

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