Taco Cleanse Day 2: Migas Taco

My first day taco cleansing went pretty well. I made breakfast tacos for brunch and planned to take the leftovers to work for the rest of the week but they were so good we ended up eating them throughout the day. Hopefully that won’t mess me up for the week.

Today I made Migas tacos. I veganized a recipe from “Texas Cooking” but it didn’t work as well as I hoped. I used soft tofu hoping it would form into kind of a frittata but it didn’t work out, still tasted good though!

Today is a holiday and I’m off to go take the dogs swimming and then go bowling so I’ll be eating tacos on the road. It is nice to not have to really think about what to eat.

Tomorrow I’ll be back at my computer instead of my phone with a post that will answer all of your questions!

Happy VeganMofo!


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