Vegansaurus & Lazy Smurf to present at SXSW with your help!

vegansmurfusSouth by Southwest Interactive is one of the most amazing conferences I’ve been to.  Every year I’ve gone I’ve been shocked to become hopeful again about the future after attending. Last year I went to so many panels about sustainability and community that I started to believe a future where we are all peaceful and happy is possible. One thing missing from all the talk about creating a better world was our attitudes towards animals and last year it was the darkest spot for me. I truly believe that if people really understand how animals are treated in our society change is possible. A couple of years ago Laura Beck from Vegansaurus & Jezebel and I did a talk at SXSW about Internet Activism. We had a great conversation with vegans from all over the world and we have learned a ton since then. We are hoping to do a full on presentation this year! I know it’s a pain to vote for things but we would love a thumbs up or a comment on our proposal to make it happen. Our plan is to present original research on what kind of activism campaigns are the most effective and which ones are huge failures. It’s not just about likes! Except for when it is….as in right now…voting for us. So please take a second and DO IT.

Our SXSW reunion won’t be as great as the following story, but it will be pretty damn great.


4 thoughts on “Vegansaurus & Lazy Smurf to present at SXSW with your help!

  1. Imogen Michel

    The story about the elephants is so beautiful, thank you for sharing. What kind of research will you be doing about activism? I’m a postgraduate researcher looking at social movements in Scotland myself so I’d be really interested to hear more about it.

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