Red Rabbit’s vegan doughnut trailer opens TODAY!

Ever since Red Rabbit Doughnuts started showing up at bakesales a couple of years ago I have been thrilled to watch their progress. First they were at a couple farmer’s markets, then they were at almost all of them. They started in a few coffee shops and soon took over the town. Now you can find them all over the place and everyone loves them. Last week I even had them mixed into coffee ice cream at Sweet Ritual. I am THRILLED that they are opening a trailer, because, as it is now, you can only get their specialty doughnuts (like the cream filled Austin Cream Pie) at the farmer’s market which doesn’t always mesh with my schedule. The soft opening starts now and the grand opening party will be Friday July 12th with a free beer party.

Also, the Austin Chronicle did a great profile about their collective awhile back “How vegan doughnuts can help fix the economy” so if you want to know more check it out.


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