Another One Bites the Dust: This is the last week for the Longhorn Food Court

You know what I think would be awesome? What if we tore down every single thing that makes living in Austin great and replaced it with condos and hotels. That way we could have even more people and more traffic, we are only 4th on the list of worse traffic in the US, we can make this happen people!!!

I understand that trailers are by their nature somewhat mobile and that trailer parks are owned by developers just waiting to turn their land into something more profitable because this is America goddammit. I sighed when I read a couple weeks ago that the landmark south congress trailers are this time really really closing. But I was beyond PISSED when I heard the vegetarian friendly trailer park that is five blocks from my office is closing to make room for condos. I’m the freaking mayor for godsakes. There aren’t that many walkable happy places to eat in this hood. I can get tacos at a place called Bacon. I can get a nine dollar smoothie at a gym. I can get a shitty bagel from a corporate behemoth or I can brave the crowds and mobs of babies at Whole Foods if I want to go somewhere for lunch without hopping in my car to the Wheatsville promise land. The Longhorn food court was like a dream come true.

I can clearly remember the first time I went to conscious cravings and soon after got my whole office hooked on the spicy chickpea wrap and the chimmichurri seitan. My coworkers even all ask for the vegan cheese! It fills my vegan heart with glee. We all make bad jokes about how we are consciously craving it.

And then when Capital City Bakery opened up I was able to turn everyone on to the wonder that can be vegan baked goods from the best in the biz. I think I also gained 10 pounds but it was all worth it! Whatever, I’m going to be glad I have it when the collapse of civilization comes and you all are regretting those juice cleanses.

And Moses Falafel is the only place I know of in the world that will substitute FRENCH FRIES in your falafel if you don’t like lettuce. And they even have falafel tacos. It’s so good.

The people that “own” the land, the people that these trailers pay money to every month, didn’t even bother to give the trailer owners 30 days notice. They were told they had to get out in a week. When I went yesterday none of the trailers knew what to do yet. They guy at Moses told me that hearing the news and having his credit card machine break down on the same day made it the worst day of his life. He said he is going to have to close for a while and reassess.  Cap City and Conscious Cravings are both looking for new spots. Probably east. URGH. I’m so depressed. I vowed to eat there all week. Some vegans are even getting together for a last Hurrah this Friday. And meanwhile Republicans are out there trying to get rid of the weekend. What a world.

UPDATE: Conscious Cravings will be moving north to 5715 Burnet Rd (right next to the Mister Car Wash)


13 thoughts on “Another One Bites the Dust: This is the last week for the Longhorn Food Court

  1. Eric Highland

    Hey LazySmurf. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head of how people in Austin feel as a whole. And yes, it just sucks. I’m right there with you. However the businesses don’t really care, they are about the ROI, the almighty dollar. A few months ago I wrote an article about how the land where Lustre Pearl is on Rainey Street was already sold.. and sure enough the ABJ just came out and said that in fact Lustre Pearl would be no more.

    Unfortunately, I have no idea other than a cataclysmic event as far as what could sway business owners to keep Austin… well.. Austin.

    Loved your article. Would be happy to treat you to a taco tomorrow night at Pecos Tacos after the BASHH event in case you plan on being at BASHH. It may be one of the few taco trucks left in time as Jesse is truly mobile. Would love to meet you and commiserate together over the loss of yet another Austin gem.


    1. lazysmurf Post author

      Thanks for the offer Eric! I can’t go tomorrow night but I’d love to another time. Rainy Street and the south Congress trailers were kind of doomed from the start since those were have been planned high rises for a while. It’s all SO depressing. And I don’t want to turn into one of those “Austin used to be so much better before you moved here” people but I kind of feel like we are full up!

  2. Aubrey

    Awww, this is such a bummer and that they didn’t give them a 30 day notice must be so frustrating for them. My husband and I were so stoked to move to Austin because well, it’s Austin. It’s so different from the rest of Texas in such a beautiful way. But to see some changes we’ve seen where money is taking over the wonderful culture here just saddens me. I feel so terrible for these businesses that I frequent often. I’ll definitely have to make a trip to support them before they move and again after they move. Thank you for sharing. I had no idea this was happening.

  3. Aubrey

    Also I have a question, what time is the last Hurrah on Friday? Is Friday the final day they will be open there? I don’t have a Facebook account so I can’t see what is linked but I would love to be a part of the last hurrah.

    1. lazysmurf Post author

      I think the last day is Sunday, but I am not 100% here is what the facebook event says:
      5:30pm until 8:30pm

      1901 Rio Grande St

      The Longhorn Food Court is closing this weekend! Come down for one last “hurrah” on Friday night.

      You can eat at Conscious Cravings, or if you get there before sundown, at Moses Falafel. You can also get dessert at Capital City Bakery, but they close at 6, so arrive a little early and get your sweets first. Rabbit Food Grocery will have a pop-up shop there too!

  4. Rob

    I’m all for infill development so all the high-rises don’t bother me. Food trailers are by their nature transitory. I just wish conscious cravings was staying close to campus and downtown, not moving to the car-centric ‘burbs up north. Couldn’t they go to the lot with Jalopy?

    1. lazysmurf Post author

      I would be for infill development if any of it was affordable, but it seems like it’s all luxury condos, I don’t know anyone that can afford to live in these building. Granted I work at a school so it’s not like I’m hanging with a bunch of richy-riches but people should be able to live and work in the neighborhoods.

      But I’m also more upset about losing vegan options downtown.

  5. Katie

    FYI: Capital City Bakery is going to stay open until 7 on Friday to meet the demand 🙂

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  7. Angela Walley

    That is super lame. You’re making me really crave some Conscience Cravings right now. Oh, spicy chickpea wrap goodness! I’m also very upset because we were going to be in Austin this weekend for a TXRD game, but our plans had to change 😦

  8. Allie

    Hi Lazy Smurf! My friends and I are coming into town next weekend. Two of us are vegan and two of us are not. Do you have any recommendations for a place we could take the meat eaters for BBQ- but still allow us vegans to have options? Thanks!

    1. lazysmurf Post author

      Allie this is one of the most overlooked request in town, it drives me crazy. The BBQ places just seem kind of anti vegan. The only option I know of for sure is Ruby’s on the drag but their veg options aren’t anything to write home about. Rudy’s by the way doesn’t have anything. Your best bet is probably going to a trailer park, a lot of the best BBQ places are trailers anyway and then everyone can get what they want.

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